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Zionist Ideology: Obstacle To Peace by Rabbi Elmer Berger

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  • About Rabbi Burger
  • WHO IS THE ELMER BERGER? He is author of The Jewish Dilemma, A Partison History of Judaism, Judaism or Jewish Nationalism, Who Knows Better Must Say So, Letters and Non-Letters, Memoirs of an Anti-Zionist Jew and numerous articles an pamphlets.
  • Theological disagreement: We consider ourselves no longer a nation but a religious commmunity. And therefore expect neither a return to Palestine, nor a sacrificial worship under the administration of the sons of Aaron, nor the restoration of any of the laws concerning the Jewish state.
  • I. "The Missing Link", It is a platitude - after more than 30 years - to describe the so-called "Arab/Israel" confrontation with discouraging adjectives such as "stubborn", "intractable", "resistant to normal diplomacy." More pessimistic observers often use depressing terms like, "insoluble," "irreconcilable," "irrational." U Thant, when he was Sec. Gen. of the U.N., called it a new 100 years war.
  • II. FILLING THE VACUUM, A SYSTEM OF EXTRA-TERRITORIAL NATIONALITY RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS WHICH IT CLAIMS FOR ALL JEWS, whether they live in the Israeli state, or elsewhere. The claim IS IN FLAGRANT VIOLATION of the protective clause of the Balfour Declaration and, insofar as the Declaration is integral to any international law LEGITIMACY for the existence of THE STATE, it is also IN VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW.
  • III. THE JEWISH PEOPLE, It is at least a credible deduction that all the formulas to manipulate territory, compromise formulas for establishing THE LEGITIMATE RIGHTS OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE, schemes for guaranteeing security of ALL STATES in the area HAVE FAILED BECAUSE, by design or ignorance, THIS VITAL INTEREST of one of the major parties has NEVER BEEN PUT ON AN AGENDA.
  • IV. WHO QUALIFIES? Technically and in terms of Palestine legislation the Jewish religion is essential "Palestine Legislation" at the time, of course was Mandate law. The JA's own definition was broader.
  • V- MORE EQUAL THAN OTHER, To this point in its history, the Zionist state has solved the dilemma by refusing the Palestinians, non 'Jewish People" nationals of the country, the universally recognized right of REPATRIATION on the one hand and the REPRESSION of the "new refugees" in the territories occupied in the 1967 war on the other
  • VI "JEWISH PEOPLE" OBLIGATIONS, It is clear, therefore that the OFFICIAL policy of the state IS DISCRIMINATORY. The state employes the infrastructure of the WZO to put policies of discrimination in plane and in other than an officially declared and over manner.
  • VII. HOW IT WORKS, Sabri Jiryis is a Palestinian lawyer who practised in Israel and is now living in Beirut. In his definitive book, THE ARABS IN ISRAEL he provides a number of examples of how the system works. Tobacco is a major crop of Arab farmers. As in many countries, the marketing of tobacco is regulated by the government. Arab tobacco bought by "jewish" colmpanies, was paid for at a rate of 64.4% less than what was paid "Jewish" farmers.
  • VIII.THE SOURCE OF THE CONFLICT, Anything less than a comprehensive peace, including the right of the Palestinian nation to an independent state of its own, is also to invite increasing disorder instead of security for the Zionist state. Given the legislated commitment of the state of Israel to the fundamental concept of primacy for Zionism's "Jewish People" nationality, there is no way the state can implement human rights in any of the commonly accepted definitions of the term.
  • IX. "Twas ever Thus" An important consideration in the sequence of events is that the Israeli population ws enjoying a growing sense of prosperity and security. This did not suit the Zionist ideologues who believed the people's teeth should be set on edge so that when the opportunity came, the country might be ready for Israel's next move to expand.
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