Every nationality both converys rights an exacts obligations. Zionist nationality is no different. The first three paragraphs of the "Status" law set out "jewish people" national's "rights" in the Zionist state. Paragraphs 4 and 5 set out the corresponding obligations. They also appoint the WZO as the agent of the state charged with responsibility for supervising the discharge of tehse "obligations" by "Jewsh people" nationals WHEREVER THEY MAY LIVE. The WZO accepted the assignement in the "Covenant," negotiated with the Israeli government and signed by both parties in 1954. The resulting "condition on the ground" so to speak, produces the second condition in Israel in which "Jewish people" nationals are differentiated from non-"Jewish people" Israelis or Palestinians.

Paragraph 5 of the "Status" law is perhaps most revealing of the way in which the exclusivist, discriminatoryy character of Israel's Zionist-ideololgy /nationalism cretes a condition of incompatibility with any state in which, at lest in the ideal of law, national rights and obliigations are shared by all citizens regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin. The incompatibiity escalates to open hostility with the contiguous Arab states which are predominantly Moselm with signifgicant minoriteis of Christians. And the hostitility takes on the character of persistent virulent belligerency among the Palestinians who have been either displaced or live under repressive occupation in the occupied territories or in the inferior status of second class citizens in pre-June 1967 Israel. Pragraph 5 states:

The mission of gathering in the exiles, which is THE CENTRAL TASK of the State of Israel and the Zionist movement in our days, requires CONSTANT EFFORTS BY THE JEWISH PEOPLE IN THE DIASPORA; the State of Israel, therefore, expects the COOPERATION OF ALL JEWS, as individuals and groups, in building up the state and assisting the immigration to it of the masses of the people, and regards THE UNITY OF ALL SECTIONS OF JEWRY as necessary for this purpose.(16)

To understand this paragraph a semantic exposition of traditional Zionist language is necessary. EXILES are all Jews living outside of Palestine or the state of Israel. DIASPORA means any place other than Palestine or Israel in which Jews live. Thee claritifcations make clear the political significance of this section of the "Status" law. An Israeli "Fundamantal" law declares the state's "central task" is to "ingather the exiles". The rationale for the law is classical Herzlian Zionist ideology. Herzl's conception of the world as INCURABLY ANTI-SEMITIC ws the genesis for the Zionist mission of saving "the Jewish people" by "ingathering" its constituency from the "anti-Semitic" nations and establishing them in a nation-state of their own. It follows inexorably that a state committed to this "central task" rather than to the protection and welfare of ALL OF ITS CITIZENS will allocate its resources accordingly. It cannot meet its perceived and legislated "central " obligation as the "savior" of one classification of people, dispersed world-wide and nominated as its beneficiaries because of their religious fatih or ethnic/racist descent and, AT THE SAME TIME, PROVIDE ALL OF ITS RESIDENT NATIONALS WITH THE BNEFITS OF ITS RESOURCES ON A BASIS OF COMPLETE EQUALITY. The two conceptions of teh functions of statehood adre, and must be, MUTUALLY INCOMPATIBLE. The organic relationship established in the "Status" Law and the Covenant between the WZO/JA and the government provides the MODUS OPERANDI which the Zionist state employs to supervise the disposition of the resources of "the Jewish people" nationals put at the dispostal of the state to implement its "central task". Paragraph 4 of the "Status Law" provides:

The State of Israel recognizes the WZO as the authorized agency which will CONTINUE TO OPERATE in the State of Israel for the development and settlement of the country, the absorption of immigrnts from the Diaspora and the coordination of the activities in Israel of Jewish institutions and organizationns active in those fields.

Within the meaning of Paragraph 5, the WZO operates in the state ONLY FOR JEWS. It services the state's declared, principal function of "ingathering the exiles". Benefits deriving from the operation of the WZO are limited, in the Zionist state, ONLY TO "JEWISH PEOPLE" nationals. But the WZO is mandated by the state's GOVERNMENT TO PERFORM THIS FUNCTION. It is clear, therefore that the OFFICIAL policy of the state IS DISCRIMINATORY. The state employes the infrastructure of the WZO to put policies of discrimination in plae and in other than an officially declared and overt manner. This convenient arrangement illuminates the significance of references in official records of the WZO to JEWISH HOUSING, JEWISH AGRICULTURE, JEWISH EDUCATION, JEWISH LABOR and so on, to include many social and economic functions of modern governments. IT is a clever ruse, little understood, or at least litle exposed and taken into account by those who persist with adulatory observations about the practive of human rights in the Zionist state and the state's civility and peaceful intentions. In practice the system works fairly simply. Normal treasury funds of the government may be allocated among all citizens with customary , bureaucratic inequities. But the not inconsiderable funds of the WZO ARE EMPLOYED FOR JEWISH PEOPLE ENTERPRISES. They provide "JEWISH PEOPLE" RECIPIENTS CONSIDERABLE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL ADVANTAGES.

Notes: (16)Fundamental Laws of the State of Israel p.285