The question is neither irrelevant nor theoretical.Two practical consequences for Mr. Rufeisen, or other non-"Jewish people" nationals of the Zionist state, or of Palestine, depend on the answer. First, Mr. Rufeisen, or any Christian or Moslem who is a citizen of Israel but who does not qualify for membership in THE JEWISH PEOPLE lives in a status INFERIOR to anyone who qualifies by the law of the Zionist state as a JEWISH PEOPLE NATIONAL, EVEN THOUGH HE OR SHE MAY BE A CITIZEN OF ANOTHER STATE (Such as the United States of America). This is the point at which ANY JEW, whose credentials are accepted by the Zionist state for membership in the synthetic, nationality entity called "the Jewish people," enjoys a stastus superior to even a non-"Jewish people" citizen. One of the state's foremost legal authorities, Dr. Nathan Feinberg of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem put it this way:

The right of the Ntional Home is granted to the Jewish people as a whole, and not to any part of it; it is granted not to Zionists or to Jews who have settled in Plestine or who will settle there, but to all Jews wherever they may be. (14)

In other words, ALL JEWS, wherever they may be, qualify as JEWISH PEOPLE NATIONALS. But "questionable" Jews like Mr. Rufeisen, may not, and certainly Christian or Moslem natinals of the Zionizt state do not, qualify. Dr. W.T. Mallison Jr., has described the situation as one in which Jews, regardless of their conventionally rcognized citizenship, are presumed BY THE ZIONIST STATE to possess a "FUNCTIONAL SECOND NATIONALITY BY VIRTUE OF THEIR RELIGION". People who are Jews but who are citizens of another state may enjoy IN THE ZIONIST STATE certain advantages which are not enjoyed by citizens of this state who cannot qualify as JEWISH PEOPLE NATIONALS. Since the riterion of "Jewish people" membership is either RELIGION or RACE by virtue of descent from a mother recognized to have been Jewish, the state is either THEOCRATIC or RACIST. By definition, IT MUST VIOLATE THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF THOSE UNDER ITS JURISDICTION WHO CANNOT QUALIFY AS "JEWISH PEOPLE" NATIONALS. Given this condition IN LAW it follows almost inexorably tht, AS A MATTER OF POLICY, the state must resort to any stragey which will GUARANTEE A PERMANENT MAJORITY of the JEWISH PEOPLE NATIONALS. Whatever the causes of the "Arab refugee" problem in 1948-49, it was commitment to this Zionist nationaoity concept whichmotivated Israels consisten rejection of the annual UN resolutions requiring Israel to offer the "refugees" repatriation. It is the same ideological commitment which, following the 1967 war and occupation of Arab territory, now confronts the Zionist state with a situation which many Zionists see as a dilemma. To this point in its history, the Zionist state has solved the dilemma by refusing the Palestinians, non 'Jewish People" nationals of the country, the universally recognized right of REPATRIATION on the one hand and the REPRESSION of the "new refugees" in the territories occupied in the 1967 war on the other. Such policies are the source of Israeli historian Jacob Talmon's concerns that Zionism's "beautiful dreams" may prove "ridiculous." (15)

Notes: (14) op cit. Jewish Yearbook of International Law (15) NY Times 11/17/80 p.19