Some clarifications about Judaism and Zionism 
Date: 12/13/2001 10:39:58 AM Pacific Standard Time

I just wanted to note a few points with regard to the perspective of
Orthodox Judaism untainted by the Zionist idolatry. Rather than get into
"exegesis" that many may find boring, let me just list a few major points.
I am not a rabbi, but am familiar with the basic ideas.

1)Under Jewish law, known as halacha (which corresponds to the Islamic
concept of Shari'a), a Jew is someone whose mother was born a Jew, or who
converted according to Jewish law. Alternatively, a person is a Jew because
he underwent bona fide conversion himself. Therefore, it doesn't matter
whether the person who converted was a European, an Asian, an African or an
Arab. Indeed, it has been found that there were converts to Jews from all
those backgrounds. In any event, a converted Jew is considered part of the
Jewish People and bound by the Torah as much as anyone else.

2) One of the heresies of Zionism relates to the concept of the holy land,
called in Hebrew Eretz Yisrael. Judaism teaches that the Torah promised the
TORAH. If this is violated, then the Jewish People are to be subject to
Exile throughout the world to rectify the sins. This is because the
holiness of the Land itself cannot tolerate sin. This is why the Torah
teaches that the Land would vomit us out if we violated the Torah. The
Zionist heretics reject this and many other principles of Judaism,
including the concept of divinely-ordained exile.

3) The fact that the Zionist movement is in total opposition to Judaism
means that it is committing sin, and is therefore doomed to fail. One of
the sins relates to the relationship to any other people, and now
specifically the Palestinians, who are the native inhabitants of Palestine.
The Jewish People are forbidden by the Torah from rejecting the divinely
ordained exile or from entering into conflict with any nation or people.
According to Judaism's concepts of truth and justice, it is absolutely just
and proper for the Palestinians against whom the Zionists committed their
injustices to be repatriated back to their home and country in Palestine,
and for a de-Zionized Palestine to exist.

Throughout history Jews lived together with Muslims everywhere and where
welcome throughout the Arab world. Claims relating to events portrayed in
the Bible cannot be used for justifying or imitating those events in
relation to anyone, not even by religious Jews who believe in the Bible
both because of the decree of Exile and because such events of such a
magnitude require the existence of a body of righteous scholars known as
the Sanhedrin, which does not exist today, to deliberate on such things.

Therefore, from the perspective of Orthodox Judaism, EACH AND EVERY
PALESTINIANS IS A GRAVE SIN/CRIME, (meaning sin between Man and Man as well
as between Man and G-d) in addition to the sins of non-observance of the
laws of the Torah in general as perpetrated by the Zionists.

4) Some of these grave sins can be categorized as follows:

It is a sin to deprive any person of property or humanity without due
process of law.
It is a sin to cause other people to commit such a sin.
It is a sin to expose anyone to mortal danger.
It is a sin to provoke conflict with any nation.
It is a sin to kill anyone without due process.
It is a sin to cause anyone else to commit any of the foregoing.
It is a sin to desecrate the name of G-d and the Torah through the
commission of any of these sins.

Under the authority of a Sanhedrin, such persons would be deemed "rodef" -
"pursuer", and liable for capital punishment following conviction according
to Jewish law for most of the above.
It should be noted, that in addition to earthly justice there is also
DIVINE JUSTICE, meaning that G-d himself can mete out justice against those
perpetrating those sins. I am not specifically referring to the suffering
of innocent individuals, since this is a phenomenon that we believe is
beyond the human mind to understand, and is reserved for faith.

Indeed, human logic by itself is at a loss to understand why any innocent
person (in this case Palestinians or Jews) would suffer this divine
punishment, while wicked persons would go unscathed. It is evident to any
non-Zionist Orthodox Jew that from heaven it has been decreed that NOW is
the time that the Zionist State must come down, but he also seeks to awaken
the Jewish People from the idolatry of Zionism. We just pray that it
happens mercifully and that the Zionist state has a peaceful demise.

5) With regard to the supernatural advent of the Messianic Age, no one can
pretend to know what G-d has or does not have in mind. However, Judaism
teaches that when the Messiah does come, he will build a Temple in
Jerusalem, and the entire world will serve G-d in peace and brotherhood and
without any coercion. All people living in the Holy Land will serve G-d
together, Jew and non-Jew alike. This will not be a world like the
miserable situation the world is in today. The details are unknown to us,
and we are forbidden to pretend to know exactly what the process will be
like. However, since the Zionist enterprise is in opposition to G-d and his
Torah, rabbis who were not Zionists throughout the 20th century were known
to say that the Zionist State will not exist when the Messiah comes,
whenever that is. What gives us hope out of all the misery and suffering of
today's world is that the impending collapse of the Zionist state indicates
that the Messiah will arrive sooner rather than later.

David Goldman