This article gives a taste of how Jews who are not addicted to the Zionist
idol feel about the relentless war of the Zionist heretics against the
Jewish People and Judaism.

David Goldman

The following is a translation of an article written by Rabbi Amram Blau,
of blessed memory in the newsletter of Neturei Karta, HACHOIMO, from April
1968. An appeal to resist the addiction and intoxication of Zionism.

To our Jewish brethren the world over! Know that the heretic Zionists with
the state they created called "Israel" have declared rebellion against G-d
and his holy Torah in the name of "Israel".

They set up the state for heresy and licentiousness as a concentration camp
to destroy the Jewish People with "gas chambers" to wipe out the souls of
the Jewish People under their control within the borders of their state to
lead the Jewish People to heresy, sectarianism and abandon, may G-d have

These destroyers have already managed to destroy and burn Jewish souls in
their  concentration camp and gas chambers. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF JEWS  AND
Everyone is aware of what they did with the Jews of Yemen  who were pious
G-d fearing people. In the Zionist state they were almost all turned into
heretics, they, their wives and children, turned against Judaism!

The program of the destroyers of the Jewish People is the following:
To penetrate every country where there are Jews, to hunt down these souls
and to deceive them and remove them from Judaism, the Torah and G-d and to
bring them into the concentration camp: to become Zionists, "Israelis",
nationalists, a fighting nation. And these people have become like the
agents, to assist them in their work. The Zionists work relentlessly to
undertake all actions to provoke the nations where these Jews live, and
then turn around and advertise themselves as the saviors and benefactors of
the Jews.

The "benefactors" direct the Jews to the Zionist state, whether in one
stage or in two stages, like they have been doing to the Jews of Morocco -
by bringing them first to France and then to the Zionist state.  All Jews
must know the following:

The Zionist heretics who run the State are collaborators and agents of
Satan himself. Don't think that the these destroyers who started with the
Jews of Iran and Yemen end with the Jews of Morocco and North Africa, may
G-d have mercy. They also plan to do it to Jews in America and Switzerland
if there is even a single Jew outside of "Israel."

These people who run the State, these destroyers of the Jewish People, they
are from the side of Evil itself - the evil inclination, Satan, the Angel
of Death, may G-d have mercy.

These heretics who run the State are endangering the Jewish communities
worldwide, and then present themselves as benefactors and saviors. They
direct the Jews to the Zionist State, to the concentration camp and gas
chambers which they have prepared in advance for their souls, their wives
and children. They seek only to transform the Jewish People into a rootless
people of heresy, rebels against G-d and our Torah. They  have entrapped
the children of Israel in the State of "Israel" to rebel against G-d,
Heaven have mercy.

The end result is that it is not just the souls but the bodies of Jews
which are endangered within their State -  placing them before the enemies
of the State, the surrounding nations, almost 100 million people!! And the
end result of this State.... may G-d have mercy.

Therefore brethren, if you care about your souls, resist before it is too
late. Do not consider this a light matter. Every Jew the world over must
resist to protect himself from these cruel persecutors. Every Jewish
community must seek to expel from their countries the agents and
representatives  of the heretic Zionist rulers of the State, without regard
for whether they are explicit heretics or even religious hypocrite Zionists
masquerading with a beard and sidelocks, and anyone affiliated with them!

You must struggle to resist their influence, and to recognize that they are
persecutors seeking to ensnare every single Jew and the Jewish People as a
whole - to destroy the integrity of the Jewish People, may G-d have mercy.

If we do what we can to save ourselves, G-d will certainly will aid us to
resist their influence, and may we merit to see the true Redemption
speedily in our days.