Women’s work against the virus in Bethlehem

Posted on Jun 6, 2020

The difficult economic situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the lack of pilgrims in Bethlehem and the consequent closure of commercial and tourist activities have led to an increase in unemployment in the city.

The project “Working Women Against Virus COVID 19”, created by FAI (Fondation Assistance Internationale) and developed by the association “Pro Terra Sancta”, was created to address this situation in Bethlehem.

Association “Pro Terra Sancta”
“The project has the dual objective of teaching the art of sewing to six women in the Governorate of Bethlehem and at the same time of supporting the families of these women during the emergency and the economic crisis that the pandemic has caused.”


“A long time ago I liked this kind of work, but no one ever taught me because my mother lives out of the country. This training course has been very useful for me, because thanks to what I will do with this machine I will be able to help my husband.”


“They contacted me for an interview to discuss the possibility of taking part in this project. I was very happy, especially considering the difficult economic situation that emerged from the Coronavirus pandemic, because of which many people here are no longer working. It was a good experience for us to be able to help and contribute to the income of our families.”

The benefits of this project in Bethlehem do not stop with training. Women who have participated in the project will have the opportunity to work part-time from home and produce masks that will be distributed free of charge to various institutions in the governorate.

Fashion Designer – Beit Jala

“The project will be useful for the whole community and not only for the women participating in the training, as we will produce large quantities of masks that will be distributed free of charge. Being able to give my contribution to this project, with my knowledge and experience, is something that makes me very happy because as a fashion designer I am trying to use my skills in a field that can help people during this pandemic.”

The production of masks in Bethlehem limits the spread not only of the virus, but also of unemployment.