Why a Cultural Centre?

Posted on Aug 13, 2018

In new crime of crimes against Palestinian civilians and cultural objects, Israeli warplanes targeted al-Mishal Cultural Center building, which includes the Egyptian community’s office. The building is located in a densely populated area, west of Gaza City. As a result, the building was completely destroyed and 20 civilians, from the area residents, were wounded. (Photo Palestinian Centre for Human Rights)

by Samia Khoury

A few days ago Israel bombarded the Mishal Cultural Centre in Gaza destroying it completely. Why? This centre has been the gift of Said Meshal to the youth of Gaza to help them cope with all the pressure of living under siege for the last twelve years. It is neither a Hamas nor a Fateh Centre. In fact, there is an Egyptian cultural centre in the building. Ironic, indeed, when Egypt has been trying to mediate some sort of a long term truce hudna between Israel and Hamas.

Is it not enough that those young people as well as all the people of Gaza are deprived of a normal life, that it was too much for Israel to see them enjoying some fun with music art, and drama? Once again, I cannot help but see the irony of it when at the same time Israel is asking that help to UNRWA in Gaza should not be curtailed because it will make life for the people of Gaza much worse.

Indeed, it will, and so will the demolition of a cultural Centre that was supposed to lift up the spirit of the youth, and engage them with activities that are normal to all children of the world .