Wednesday, GlobalGiving is matching donations to keep Palestinian villages standing

Posted on Jul 17, 2018


Good steps forward in a dangerous time:

  • The young woman, Sara abu Dahouk was released home to Khan al Ahmar village today. Her lawyer reached a plea bargain that changed the indictment and sentenced her for 14 days, including the time she had been in prison during the arrest hearings. So she was went home today to celebration, no issue of house arrest.
  • School opened as scheduled on Monday!
    The right wing opposition sued to keep the school from opening but Israel’s High Court declined to stop the school from opening.
  • Israel’s High Court did not accept the Government of Israel’s push to hear the case and demolish the school this week, while equipment is there at the ready. Instead the High Court has set August 1st as the date when the court will hear the villager’s petition to recognize their own master zoning plan.

Advocacy is critical — and our next step, bringing Palestinian children to Congress for International Peace Day — is one of the most effective forms of advocacy we’ve ever seen.

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Our advocacy is needed more than ever because

  • Today Israel passed a new law that puts Palestinian housing more at risk than ever;
  • And in Gaza, the bombing stopped by end of day Saturday. Two little boys were killed. The damage nearby was extensive. One place, the Cerebral Palsy Center was exposed to severe damages due to an Israeli Airstrike nearby their building.

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Donna Baranski-Walker
Founder and Executive Director, Rebuilding Alliance