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    Dear Friend,

      The purpose of our web is to give you a chance to see things from a different perspective from what you usually hear and see in the Mass Media. Our resources are the Vatican, the Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Ecclesial Communities and their organizations that speak about the situation in the Middle East from a human right point of view.

      The so called International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem and their friends do not represent at all the Christians of the Middle East or the Holy Land. They are considered by the Head of the Christian Churches as "Christian Zionist Fundamentalist Group". They are rejected by Arab Christians,  Jewish Christians, and Muslims"

      Our resources then are Churches that represent the Christians in the Middle East. They have a long history with their believers. They had a lot of difficulties during their history. They survived despite of many different challenges. Some of them will be celebrating 2000 years of their presence in the Middle East.

      They do need you to commit yourself to help to preserve the Christian presence in the Middle East and especially in the Holy Land. The Pope with all the Major Churches of the Middle East celebrated a Great Jubilee, the Jubilee of 2000 of Jesus Christ in the Holy Land.

      Jesus lived in the Holy Land, Jesus was a part of that land. With the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, the disciples and followers, our Lord formed the First Christian Community. The Christians of the Middle East, and especially those of the Holy Land are the First Christians, they are the first martyrs and first Fathers of the Church. They are the heirs of both Old and New Testament.

      1- Help them with your prayers. We started two year ago with Al-Bushra Magazine to call all our friends to pray at 8.00 PM every day (at their standard time) in unity with all their brothers and Sisters all over the World, and especially with those Christians of the Middle East. You can say a personal prayer at that hour, or Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory to the Father, or any Psalm or any prayer you choose. Just do it in union with all your brothers and sisters, who will be praying at the same time on that special hour. Pray for Peace and Justice all over the World and especially for the Middle East and the Holy Land. Pray for the future of cooperation and love between Jews, Christians and Muslims, Israelis and Arabs.

      2- You can offer donations to any of the Churches or organizations you belong to. Those Churches do need your help. We established a certain list of those Churches, and if it exists, their web sites. The Zionist Christians have already more than 200 web sites. They get a lot of help and donations. They do mislead people on the realities of Israel, Arabs and Palestine.

      3- You can write to Al-Bushra and leave a prayer, an idea, a suggestion, we may publish it, with your name.

      4- You can contribute postings to Al-Bushra website.

      5- You can help Al-Bushra by sending a donation to:

          Al-Bushra, St. Thomas More Church/ Fr. Labib Kobti

          1300 Junipero Serra Boulevard

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