War returns to Syria

Posted on Oct 18, 2019

Christian Media CenterBr FIRAS LUFTI, ofm Minister Friars Minor Syria, Lebanon and Jordan “We were hoping that the war would end, and instead another dramatic chapter is opening up from the north, from Turkey’s side.”

War is back in Syria. Or rather, it never completely disappeared. And it is the Kurdish people, hit by the invasion of Turkey, who are paying the price. Once again, the tragedy of the civilian victims and evacuees, hundreds of thousands, of a people who had already known – and fought – the terror of the Isis. Whole families are fleeing from the bombs..there is also a Christian community of different expressions…there are Armenians, Chaldeans, Assyrians.

Br FIRAS LUFTI, ofm Minister Friars Minor Syria, Lebanon and Jordan “The people’s fear and concern is that the same massacre that we have seen and heard in recent years, whose images have travelled around the world, may happen again. A massacre of Kurds and civilians.”

The war returns just when, after years of violence, the country was slowly beginning to grow hope again. In Aleppo, for example, in recent weeks Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of the European bishops, arrived. Together with the parish priest Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, he walked through the streets of the destroyed city. With them, the representatives of the other Christian denominations present in the Holy Land and the local authorities. Muslims and Christians together for a small “march for peace”. Then, in the evening, the visit of Cardinal Bagnasco turned into a feast for the Christians of Aleppo: music, lights and colours to witness the hope of rebuilding and giving a new future to the city.

H Em Card ANGELO BAGNASCO Archbishop of Genoa and President of the European Bishops “You bear witness that God is love, because God creates and builds, He does not destroy. The Western world can say ‘God exists’ because the people of Aleppo, like many other peoples, rebuild, and rebuild together.”