Vocation Day at Our Lady of Peace Center

Posted on May 14, 2017

Rémy Brun | Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

AMMAN – Earlier in the month of May, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem held a day for vocations. It is a creative initiative to invite young people to deepen their faith in the light of the Word.

Our Lady of Peace Center hosted for the first time this year a day of spiritual retreat for the youth. The purpose of this event was to allow them to focus on the essentials of the Christian faith and reflect on their vocation by gazing at and listening to the Lord. Father Samer Madanat, in charge of vocations and responsible for the spiritual year at the Latin Patriarchate Seminary, guided this day in the model of an Ignatian retreat. The young people also met with religious men and women from different communities.

The day began with Mass celebrated by Bishop Emeritus Maroun Lahham, who asked the young people not to be afraid to follow Christ who never disappoints. Prayers, songs and meditation followed, inspired by the passion of Christ and demonstrated by young Iraqis through a choreography. For Father Samer, the key is to allow these young people to welcome the Word of God in their lives and to respond positively to His call to follow in His footsteps. But this can only be done through attentive listening and an inner disposition of a docile spirit, hence the meaning of the theme of this retreat, “Docile Nature Again” (“DNA”).

Subsequent to this day of retreat, a particular spiritual direction and accompaniment will be carried out throughout the year to allow young people to continue to deepen their reflection and discernment of their vocation.