[Video] This is what annexation looks like

Posted on Jul 31, 2019

Late Sunday night I watched in absolute horror as people I follow on social media frantically shared live pictures and videos of hundreds of soldiers and police entering the neighborhood of Wadi Hummus to forcibly remove residents and destroy their homes.

They had sealed off the area from journalists, but Palestinian and Jewish activists were still there filming. If you are not made of stone, the footage will shake you.

This is what annexation looks like. It’s brutal and it’s heart-breaking and it’s devastatingly cruel – at least 12 buildings were destroyed by Israel’s bulldozers and hundreds more are slated for demolition….

Wadi Hummus, Sur Baher village

If you are not made of stone, Ismail Abadiyeh's experience of losing his home will shake you. And the terror and devastation caused by the military raids and demolitions in Sur Baher (where 72 homes were destroyed) will break your heart. What more can we all do to stop this horror?Video by Israeli activist Yuval Abraham and photographer Racheli Shor

Posted by Jewish Voice for Peace on Thursday, July 25, 2019


Activists had been following one man’s story, Ismail, who was forced to witness the demolition of the home he had built with his own hands – because it had been deemed “too close” to Israel’s apartheid wall.

He followed all the rules. He was careful to have all the right legal papers in order. He went to court. He tried to stay inline with Israel’s unreasonable, unequal treatment of Palestinian homeowners.

STILL they demolished his home. And not in a “simply doing our jobs” manner, but in an excruciatingly violent and inhumane manner, right down to soldiers laughing and clapping each other on the backs after blowing up a building.
Not enough is being said about the demolitions. It’s clear to me we need to do everything we can to stop them, including standing with the communities under threat and raising the alarm in Congress, in the media, and with allies. This is what annexation looks like and this is what Netanyahu is promising more of.

Will you add your name to our open letter LOUDLY and DEFIANTLY saying we will not sit by while Israel acts with brazen disregard for humanity?

We are pushing a huge boulder. But we have to, because even though we were not able to stop those bulldozers and bombs, we are lifting our voices in dissent and taking action to stop the next ones.

In solidarity,

Granate Kim