Amman stadium packed - holy mass will start soon
March 21, 2000

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Amman stadium is packed at this hour with over 70, 000 people to
attend the holy mass in the presence of the pope. Sounds of prayer
are heard since the early morning. The pope's reception in Jordan
was exceptional - the type of Muslim-Christian cooperation and
brotherhood was displayed at its best, and as an example for the
generations to come. The music orchestra which plays on this
occasion is not only including both Christians and Muslims, but
it's conducted by a Muslim. Yesterday Dr. Mohammad Wahib (nicknamed
'Father Mohammad') on Jordan Television told the story of baptism
and recounted the history of Chritian churches and heritage near
Madaba, mount Nebo and the Jordan river as if reading from an
open book. Rami Khouri spoke about the archioligical discoveries
in the area and gave another glimpse of the history and the
significance of this visit.

People are still coming to the Amman stadium, so all people in
this region can tune in to Jordan TV and watch. People far away
can also watch it via satellite.

Again, I believe the way all Jordanians are interacting with the
pope's visit is exceptional. Good for them. I hope they will never
capture the grerms of hatred and bigotry, and keep this wonderful
national mosaic which binds the whole Jordanian family together.

Issa Sarras, Diredtor of Freedom Internet Egroup, list and service