The main points of agreement between Palestinians, Vatican
   Palestine, Politics, 2/16/2000
From Arabic News

   Herewith are the main points of agreement signed on Tuesday between
   the Vatican and the PLO.

   On the status of Jerusalem, the two sides announced in the introduction of the agreement that, "A just solution for the question
   of Jerusalem based on international legitimacy resolutions is basic in order to achieve a just and durable peace in the Middle East." They said, "It is not acceptable on the moral and legal levels to take decisions and actions unilaterally that will be conducive to changing the special status of Jerusalem."

   And therefore the two sides call for a special status for Jerusalem with international guarantees that preserve the following points:

   freedom of religion for all, equality among the three divine religions
   (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) and their members before the law,
   the special sacred identity of the holy city and its important
   religious legacy and culture for the world as a whole, free access to
   the holy cites and practicing of rituals inside them, system "the
   valid conditions" in the holy lands, where it is implied.

   Concerning the Catholic church in the Palestinian territories, the PLO recognizes the freedom of the Catholic church in practicing its right, through necessary means, in carrying out its moral, spiritual, charity, educational and cultural activities.

   The PLO recognizes the rights of "the Catholic Church in the economic, legal, and financial areas and to practice these rights according to the laws enacted by the Palestinian Authority in this field."

   The agreement will be valid as from its signature. It, among other things, stressed the "determination" of the two sides to establish the necessary cooperation in order to strengthen honoring of individual and collective human rights, fight all forms of discrimination and threats to human life as well as to encourage understanding and reconciliation among peoples and groups.

   The two sides are to continue encouraging dialogue among religions for a better understanding among peoples of various religions.