Dear Father Labib Kobti
This is a letter to the Pope from the Christian Youth in Jordan ..
 I like to send it to you written by Nabile and Lara Abu Ata
with love
Majdi dayyat

      A Letter to the Pope

RE:               VISIT TO HOLY JORDAN
DATE :         20TH MARCH 2000

Your Holiness,

The hearts of all the Jordanians are filled with joy and flourished with
pleasure and satisfaction as we witness your Holiness visit to our land, the
land of the Christ.

The Christian Youths in Jordan cross the threshold of hopes when they share
their prayers along with their aspirations with your great person seeking
your bless and wishing for a prayer for peace in our land.

This is our message to you written by our worried thoughts yet signed by
pensive hopes. We urge your holiness to exteriorize (actualize) (manifest)
your divine prayers into a strict code of conduct to which -not only the
Christian flock will adhere –but by which the whole world would abide and

On the dawn of the new millennium your Holiness sent the message for the
celebration of the world day of peace. In that message you defined War as
defeat for Humanity declaring that:

‘Only in peace and through peace can respect for human dignity and its
inalienable rights be guaranteed’
It is no secret that people of our region have lived through a horrifying
sequence of wars conflicts and genocide producing thousands of dead
innocents, causing endless suffering ad generating lasting hatred.

We as the youth of Jordan share your holiness the prayers to transform this
suffering and hatred into a lasting and just peace for our sake before the
sake of our children or grandchildren. We believe that the Vatican will
still support The Arab Jordanian will for peace and make the call for
tranquility in the region heard by all parts. Yet we declare –guided by our
wise leadership- that we will invest every potential in making this demand
of peace and justice become a living reality.

Your words "Peace on earth to those whom God loves!" leads the thought to
the memory of our great late leader; King Hussein who dedicated his life to
work and speak on behalf of peace so that the humanity's honour will be
preserved. We ask you in behalf of all those who love and work for peace to
pray for his soul to rest in God’s heavens.

Our Jordanian Christian Community has set a great model of a United
Christianity. In response to your Holiness call for becoming a one united
family; all the Christians from all the different churches, beliefs and
walks of life sit together to discuss constructively the unity in Jesus
Christ. This unique gesture resulted in agreements on more than just the
fundamental beliefs and created the united Christian calendar allowing all
the members of our community to gather at one time to share our celebrations
and occasions.

Moreover we follow your Holiness path regarding the debate between
religions, achieving in most of the occasions a mutual understanding of
God’s Love and Wisdom with our Jordanian Muslim brothers.
Also We Share and support your considerate thoughts on the urgent need to
rethink the economy and reconsider the concept of prosperity. We believe in
the need to assure that all world nations are getting a share in the pie,
expressing appreciation for individual abilities and monitoring the ethical
dimensions in the economies policies. This will be the only way to allow the
developing nations to interact in the international economy in order to
preserve the integrity of mankind.

The Christian Youth of Jordan promises to remember your Holiness in our
prayers as we ask you to kindly pray for our sacred cause.
In our cause we seek the virtue to guarantee the right to humanitarian aid
to suffering people, the miserable, sick and the poor, to stop the crimes
against children and women in issues of the cruel labor rules and honor
crimes. We will strive for the implementation of human rights in all its
aspects. We will support the declaration for religious freedom in which
people will be treated and represented on equal basis in any part of the
world with the total respect or their beliefs and rites. Lastly we will
strive for the right yet the need to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ
among his people. Make the word of God be heard in our community and our
public schools and share it with others around.

We sincerely commit ourselves to work towards the Reconciliation of a just
and comprehensive peace in our holy lands, no matter how hard the journey
will be.

The testimony is universal that -when John Paul II, kneel with eyes closed,
his forehead cradled in his left hand, and his lips murmuring with prayers
on our behalf- our prayers will be lift up to God and our call for salvation
is heard. For this we plead.