Pope in Holy Land
Jordan, Palestine and Israel
March 20-26, 2000
Pope John Paul II - Holy Land Pilgrimage
From 20 to 26 March 2000, Pope John Paul II made a personal and apostolic pilgrimage to the
Holy Land. He visited Mt. Nebo and Wadi Al Kharrar in Jordan, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Mt
Tabor, Tabgha and Capernaum in Israel, and Bethlehem in the territory of the Palestinian
Authority. In addition to celebrating Catholic liturgies in the Basilicas of the Annunciation,
Nativity and Holy Sepulcher, on the Mt. of Beatitudes and in Amman Stadium, the Holy Father
met with various dignitaries such as King Abdullah, Yassar Arafat, President Weizman and
Prime Minister Barak and conducted ecumenical and religious meetings with Jewish rabbis,
Moslem muftis, Orthodox and Catholic Patriarchs and bishops, and other Christians. Among the
most moving events were his visits to the Holocaust Memorial, the Western Wall and the
Dheisheh refugee camp.