Jerusalem and the Vatican (2)

By Rev. Labib Kobti 3.9.1997

At the regular Sundays Audience in the Vatican, Pope John Paul II, on Sunday March 9, 1997 criticized Israel for its decision to build houses in East Jerusalem.

This Pope's open criticism to the Israeli decision "that could harm the spirit of trust" in the Middle East Peace Process, (as if it is, also, an answer to the USA VETO at the United Nations, on Friday March 7, 1997 on building in East Jerusalem) should be read in reference to the May 1996 Considerations of the vatican Secretariate of State statement that reads: "

The pope, concerned about Jerusalem and its future, said also on 1984, thirteen years ago, that if the International Community do not involve itself to find the right, the just and satisfactory solution for Jerusalem, Jerusalem would "only compromise further the longed-for peaceful and just settelement of the crisis of the whole Middle East".

The Pope saw it in the past, he sees it now and warn the whole World over the issue of Jerusalem. When he speaks in differnet languages, he wants to say to every People, Governement, State and Organizations, national and international that Jerusalem is the CAPITAL of everyone who beleives in ONE GOD, and no one has the right to claim exclusive rights over JERUSALEM.

The Pope's involement for peace and justice for Jerusalem is a great responsability that we should appreciate and support.