Jubilee Pilgrimage of H.H. Pope John - Paul II in the Holy Land
Holy Mass for the Youth on the Mount of beatitudes, 24/3/2000
Address by Essam Joseph Abu-Nassar in behalf of the young people of the Holy Land

Holy Father,

"Do not be afraid, go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me" (Mt 28,10).
Here we came, Holy Father, young people from Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus and from many other countries. On behalf of them all, I express the "Hosanna" of welcome and the great joy to see the Successor of the Sea of Galilee fisher back in the Holy Land, to meet and to hear your Holiness on the Mount of Beatitudes.
We thank you for the meeting you wanted to have with us, the young people of the mother Church. We greet Your Holiness as the "Pope of the Youth". You will remain in history the "Young Pope", the Pope of the "Yovel" (Jubilee), of the new millenium.
 Your Holiness knows the difficult history of the Holy Land and of the mother Church. With the grace of God, we want to remain, like our fathers, faithful to Jesus, to the Gospel, to the Church, to our Land, to our Country and to our mission. That wonderful Christian mission of Love and Peace we rediscovered in the Diocesan Synod that we celebrated in these past years.
We are aware of being, on the line of the faith and in this very Holy Land, the descendants of the first Church founded by Jesus Christ, the children of the witnesses of the Resurrection.
Holy Father, we are ready to hear your pastoral word, here as an echo of the teaching given by Jesus on this very mountain. Confirm us, so that we may incarnate our special identity to be, in every time and among all the peoples, the living memory of the historical event called Jesus Christ. Bless us, so that we may witness to the truth you presented to the young people in the Jubilee year:
"The Word became flesh and set his tent among us" (Jn 1,14).

Holy Father, hope to see you, "In sha' Allah" in Rome next August.

        Essam Joseph Abu-Nassar
       The Annunciation City NAZARETH
                      24 of March of the Great Jubilee year 2000