I said to a friend: "If all these Religious Leaders, the Human rights organizations, the NGO's and many important people of different back grounds, even Jews, dared  to say what you will read on the following documents about the situation
in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and the whole M.E.

And if these same people dared to challenge the Israelis and..... their friends as first hand witnesses on the TRUTH
that they have experienced in the land. 
And if you dare calling all of them, biased, racist and anti-semitic,
then dare to say that the TRUTH is  Biased, Racisit and  Anti-Semtic.

We attempt below to give you UPDATES ( DOCUMENTS) from different sources.
Mainly you will find reactions and statements of different Human Rights organizations, Churches, NGOs, UN and many others.
Thank you in advance for sharing this important page with those on your mailing lists.
May God, Allah, Hashem, Adonia, Elohim, the God of different names but:

Pray with us for peace, work for justice and TRUTH.

Jerusalem! What is the  truth?


Black is a hyperlink & indicates the DATE the item was POSTED here
Green indicates the AUTHOR/SOURCE OR Main Subject
Red indicates the MESSAGE
  1. Jan. 8, Pontiff: Mideast Proves Armed Conflict Gains Nothing
  2. Jan. 9, Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem  Riah’s Family Under Attack.
  3. Jan.10, Papal Message to Catholics in Mideast
  4. Jan. 13, Ecumenical Bishops visit Gaza
  5. Jan. 15, Jerusalem church leaders offer to mediate in Fatah, Hamas conflict
  6. Jan. 15, Mideast Church Leaders Pleading for Peace
  7. Jan. 15, Iraq Executions Cruel, Laments VATICAN Newspaper
  8. Jan. 18, Jimmy Carter, A New chance for Peace
  9. Jan. 18, Religious Freedom Is Solution for Iraq, Prelate Says
  10. Jan. 19,  Impossible travel, By Amira Hass, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
  11. Jan. 19, Pope Appeals for Church's Legal Status in Turkey
  12. Jan. 27, Who owns Title to the Land of Palestine? Pastor Thomas Williamson 
  13. Feb. 5, Debauching Christ Followers into Christian-Zionists, Charles E. Carlson  
  14. Feb. 16: Israeli Policy Makes a Two-State Solution Less Likely, by Jeff Halper & Naim Ateek
  15. Feb 17, Christians (Zionists) Should Follow Christ, Jean Allen  
  16. Feb. 19: UN anti-racism panel questions Israel over non-Jewish holy sites
  17. March 1, Judeo-Christians (Christian-Zionists): Pied Pipers for Serial War
  18. March 2, USA Franciscan Secular speak about the Holy Land
  19. March 9, UN Committee Urges Israel to Revoke the Citizenship Law
  20. March 20, Statement by Palestinian Christian NGOs Ahead of Easter
  21. March 14, Christians for Israel, Christiian Zionist agenda
  22. March 19,Gush Shalom welcomesthe Palestinian Unity Government
  23. March 22, Amnesty International condemns Israeli Knesset
  24. March 22, Easter Message 2007, The Patriarch and Heads of Local Churches in Jerusalem
  25. March 26, Lutheran World Council Warns Unresolved Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 
  26. March 27, A Gaza Visit: Of Harsh Realities, Dr. Bernard Sabella
  27. March 27,  Marriage to an Arab is national treason’ in Israel
  28. March 30, Jerusalem church leaders call for support to end embargo
  29. March 31, Prominent Evangelical Leader Opposes 'Blind Support' for Israel
  30. March 31: Caritas Jerusalem message
  31. April 1, In Bethlehem a visitor is lonely, BY ELLEN CREAGER
  32. April 1, Church leaders in England write to the faithful of the Holy Land
  33. April 3, A Holy Week for All, Dr. Bernard Sabella
  34. April 4, Custodian of the Holy Land: Easter in Jerusalem, signs of life stronger than the tomb and death
  35. April 4, Latin Patriarchate - Easter Message 2007
  36. April 5 Easter Message, Anglican church of Jerusalem
  37. April 5, Holy Land Journey Highlights Vital Christian Presence PRISCILLA GREEAR
  38. April 6, "Easter in the Holy Land, By Samar Assad
  39. April 8, Pope Bened ict XVI's Easter Message
  40. April 11, Robert Fisk: Divide and rule - America's plan for Baghdad
  41. April 13,  The National Union of Journalists  voted to boycott all Israel
  42. April 13, Poverty in Palestine:human cost for financical boycott
  43. April 13, The Final Act of Submission , By Scott Ritter  
  44. April 14,  IRAQ, Sorry We Shot Your Kid, But Here's $500" By Greg Mitchell
  45. April 18, UN, Vatican International Conference on Iraqi Refugees 
  46. April 21, 130 UK Physicians Call for a Boycott of the Israeli Medical Association
  47. April 24, Palestinian President Visits Benedict XVI
  48. April 24, United Church Delegation Calls for an End to Palestinian Embargo
  49. April 25, Time will Never Heal this Wound, By Joharah Baker for MIFTAH 
  50. April 25, Abu Mazen Invites Christian Religious Authorities to Easter Meal
  51. April 25, Text of Rep. McCollum's Letter refusing to join  "A Night to Honor Israel,"
  52. April 28, What cease fire, Amira Haas, From Haaretz
  53. April 30,Christian Evangelist Points to Christ on Islamic TV, Terry McIntosh
  54. May 2, The Palestinian Christian Is, An Endangered Species, By Prof Abe W Ata
  55. May 3, This is Apartheid, two Norvegian Lutheran Bishops
  56. May 4, Aiding Christians in the Holy Land, Yonat Shimron
  57. May 5, Jerusalem as it should be, RAMI NASRALLAH, International Peace & Cooperation Center.
  58. May 6, Economic Pressure for a Just Peace in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, by EAG
  59. May 9, ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church for justice to the Palestinians
  61. May 9,  Muslims and Christians join hands to ‘save’ Jerusalem 
  62. May 9, Palestinian Muslims Protest Against Bible Society Bombing in Gaza
  63. May 9, Mideast Christians have harmonious relations with Muslims: Bishop George Saliba, Syrian Orth.
  64. May 9, Middle East Peace addressed by ecumenical coalition in Washington
  65. May 15, Sectarian cleansing spreads to Christians in Iraq, By Liz Sly 
  66. May 15,  Israel faulted for severing Jerusalem from Palestinians in Red Cross document
  67. May 15, Red Cross Report Says Israel Disregards Humanitarian Law 
  68. May 17, Wall draws divide between clubs, By: Amanda R etzer
  69. May 24: Alliance for Justice in the Middle East (AJME), War criminals at Harvard
  70. June 14, Statements from Holy See and hierarchy
  71. June 24: Israel expels record number of east Jerusalem Arabs,  Human Rights groups B'Tselem
  72. June 26, Church leaders in Jerusalem have welcomed the Palestine Israel 
  73. June 26, New Exodus Could Wipe Out Christianity in Gaza
  74. June 27, Caritas continuing its work in the Gaza Strip
  75. June 28, "THEY HAVE STOLEN THE NIGHTS OF BAGHDAD FROM US" World Council of Churches
  76. June 30: Amnesty report on Palestine
  77. July 1, Palestine, Israel Churches Seek Boost in Faith-Based Peace Efforts
  78. July 1, Two encounters of Jerusalem Women's Interfaith Encounter in June and July
  79. July 2, Bihind the Security Wall, The National Catholic Weekly
  80. July 2, The Role of International Moral Authority in Iraq, The National Catholic Weekly
  81. July 2, Israel's rebel Rabbi, The National Catholic Weekly
  82. July 5, Islamic group drive Christians away from Mosul
  83. July 11: UN affirms Shebaa Farms are Lebanese
  84. July 7, Italian Prime Minister visits the latin Patriarchate
  85. July 16: Evangelicals and Muslims meet.
  86. July 16: (NCC News) Most Christians support Israel AND Palestine, oppose Iran war
  87. July 18: Christian groups gather in Washington to show suppoert of Israel
  88. July 18, Christian Zionist Group Criticized for Unconditional Support of Israel, By NCC
  89. July 19: US Commission to Hold Hearing on Threats to Iraq's Minorities 
  90. July 20, Caritas Jerusalem message
  91. July 23: The world's most ancient Christian communities are fleeing their birthplace, IRAQ
  92. July 24,  The Christian Zionist lie must die
  93. July 24, Lebanese Cardinal Decries Political Obstinacy
  94. July 25, A Lutheran Voice from Bethlehem, Rev. Mitri Raheb
  95. July 27, Full Text and Signers of Evangelical Leaders' Letter 
  96. July 29,  U.S. Christians voice support for Palestinian state
  97. July 29, Christian Evnagelism, threat to Jewish survival
  98. July 30, Evangelical Letter to Pres. Bush Supports Two States  
  99. July 31: UN REPORT: East Jerusalem : The Humanitarian Impact of the West Bank Barrier 
  100. July 31, United Methodists Divestment Recommendations
  101. August 1, The Vatican and Iraq, many articles
  102. August 1, The Vatican and Lebaon, many articles
  103. August 1, The Vatican and Palestine, many articles
  104. August 1, Mothers' Union Baghdad addresses humanitarian crisis
  105. August 2, Occupation, by the International Solidarity Movement
  106. August 2, Israel: Galilee villages launch campaign to attract Christian pilgrims
  107. August ,Why Chrisitans are leaving the Holy Land, Clare Simon
  108. August 5, Jewish For Peace opposes Israeli law
  109. August 9, U.S. Churches Urge Presidential Candidates for Holy Land Peace 
  110. August 22, Religious and Ethnic Persecution Continues
  111. September 9, Christians leaving the Holy Land
  112. Sept. 10:Messianic Jews under fire, from Religion Today
  113. Oct. 2: Latin Patriarchate and pilgrims coming from outside
  114. Oct. 6:  Of Our Suffering Family in The Holy Lands of the Middle East, By Jeanne Conte
  115. Oct. 10: Christians in Gaza: An Integral Part of Society
  116. Oct. 22: Middle Eastern Catholic patriarchs call for peace, end to emigration
  117. Oct. 22: Diary of Pax Christi visit to Israel and Palestine
  118. Oct. 31: Archbishop of Canterbury meets Chief Rabbis in Jerusalem 
  119. Nov. 1:  Dwindling Palestinian Christian Population  effects of the Israeli Occupation
  120. Nov. 5: Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land Communiqué
  121. Nov. 6: Patriarchs, property, and politics in Jerusalem
  122. Nov. 8: Religious Leaders Launch New Effort to Resolve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  123. Nov. 8: Anapolis:  the cost of failure
  124. Nov. 9, Interfaith Leadership Council Acknowledges 'Occupation'
  125. Nov. 11: Vatican, Israel Is Not Keeping Its Promises, Says Archbishop Sambi
  126. Nov. 11: Tycoons to help repossess Russian church buildings in Jerusalem
  127. Nov.10: Conference on Mideast hopes to combine faith with action
  128. Nov. 12: Jerusalem leaders to Abbas: “Don’t give up Jerusalem”
  129. Nov. 12: Bishops barred from Western Wall
  130. Nov. 12: London concert will highlight Bethlehem's plight this Christmas
  131. Nov. 15: Iraqi cardinal works to protect Christians
  132. Nov. 16: Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them 
  133. Nov. 16: Lutheran Bishop in Holy Land Meets Former President Carter
  134. Nov. 17: Vatican envoy: Ties with Israel in decline due to broken promises 
  135. Nov. 17: St John's Church Reopens in Baghdad, Chrisitans future in Iraq
  136. Nov. 17: Melkite Archbishop says his mission is for peace in Israel
  137. Nov. 17: Vatican spokesman criticizes Israeli policies
  138. Nov. 20: Vatican envoy 'frustrated' with Israel
  140. Nov. 24: Salam Bethlehem, looking beyond the wall
  141. Nov. 25:  The Holy Sepulcher Equestrian Order's mission endures
  142. Nov. 26, Holy See Sends Delegation to Annapolis
  143. Nov 28:  Vatican cardinal: Palestinians have right to return to homeland 
  144. Nov. 28: Vatican: Palestinians Should Return Home
  145. Nov. 29: Vatican: Palestinian refugees have right to return
  146. Nov. 29: Evangelical Leaders Reiterate Call for Two-State Solution for Israel and Palestine
  147. Nov. 29: Speech read by the General Sec of the SA Council of Churches
  148. Nov. 30: The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Our Mission
  149. Nov. 30: The Annapolis "Honeymoon" is Over-US Pulls UN Middle East Draft Disliked by Israel 
  150. Nov. 30: The Civic Coalition for Defending the Palestinians' Rights in Jerusalem
  151. Dec. 1 Bethlehem 2007, by National Geography
  152. Dec. 1, Will peace cost me my home? Ghada Ageel is a third-generation Palestinian refugee
  153. Dec. 3: Vicar claims 90 per cent of Iraqi Christians have fled or been murdered
  154. Dec. 6: Pilgrims moved by Christians who live where Jesus lived
  155. Dec. 8: Bethlehem under attack while Har Homa settlement expands
  156. Dec. 8: From International solidarity Movement
  157. Dec. 9: Civil rights group: Israel has reached new heights of racism
  158. Dec. 14: Red Cross denounces Israel's curbs on Palestinians ahead of Blair conference
  159. Dec. 15: From International solidarity Movement
  160. Dec. 16: Civil rights group: Israel has reached new heights of racism
  161. Dec. 16: Hanukkah, Christmas, and `Idu-l-Adha, a Homily ofr the season
  162. Dec. 17: From International solidarity Movement
  163. Dec. 17: Attacks on Christians by Jews Increasing in Israel, Palestine By Mark Glenn
  164. Dec. 18: SABEEL CHRISTMAS MESSAGE, 2007
  165. Dec. 18: Holy Land Peacemaking on Center Stage in 2008, CMEP
  166. Dec. 19: So what have we done to them (the Palestinians)
  167. Dec. 20: Israel must make peace, Catholic patriarch says
  168. Dec. 20: Can religion improve peace prospects in the Middle East?
  169. Dec. 23: Patriarch: Jerusalem Awaiting Peace This Christmas
  170. Dec. 23 : The Plight and Resistance of Christians in Palestine
  171. Dec. 23: For Gaza Christians, Christmas season means anxiety, uncertainty
  172. Dec. 24: Bethlehem sermon calls for peace in the Middle East, Patriarch Michel Sabbah 
  173. Dec. 24: More Visitors, Fewer Christians in Bethlehem
  174. Dec. 24: Brave Christians celebrate Christmas in the Holy Lands
  175. Dec. 24  Israel makes Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Church of Nativity off limits to Christian Clergy
  176. Dec. 24: Hoping for peace in Bethlehem
  177. Dec. 24: Shadow over Bethlehem
  178. Dec. 24: Christmas cheer returns to Bethlehem
  179. Dec. 24: Meanwhile, in the West Bank
  180. Dec. 25: Memories of Bethlehem 1
  181. Dec. 25: Memories of Bethlehem 2
  182. Dec. 25: A Christmas Reflection on Palestine, Sonja Karkar:
  183. Dec. 25: Tens of thousands celebrate Christmas in Holy Land 
  184. Dec. 25: Israeli Occupation Casts Shadow Over Bethlehem
  185. Dec. 25: Bethlehem's struggles continue
  186. Dec. 25: Hope, cheer replace gloom in the Holy Land
  187. Dec. 25: Patriarch: Holy-Land Christians Should Stay Put
  188. Dec.25: Central Bureau of Statistics: 2.1% of state's population is Christian
  189. Dec. 25: LEBANON,Rice Lesson of History
  190. Dec. 25: BETHLEHEM 1
  191. Dec. 25:  BETHLEHEM 2
  192. Christmas Message 2007, Patriarchs and Heads of Local Churches in Jerusalem
  193. Christmas Message 2007, Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch
  194. Christmas Message 2007 Bishop Dr. Munib Younan, Lutheran Bishop of Jerusalem 
  195. Christmas Message 2007  SABEEL
  196. Christmas Message 2007  BY AUSTRALIAN CHURCH LEADERS
  197. Letter to an Israeli in Christmas Time, Dr. Bernard Sabella
  198. Sens. Bond & Rockefeller Send Christmas Letter to Bush on Palestinian Christians and Peace Process
  199. Christmas 2007 in Bethlehem 1 
  200. Christmas 2007 in Bethlehem 2
  201. Christmas 2007 in Bethlehem 3
  202. Christmas 2007 in Bethlehem 4
  203. Christmas 2007 in Bethlehem 5
  204. Christmas 2007 in Bethlehem 6
  205. Dec. 26: Picutres of Christmas in Bethlehem
  206. Dec. 26: Israel continues policy of denying visas to Christian clergy
  207. Dec. 26: Christians, too, suffer the evilness of the occupation
  208. Dec. 27th: The day of Christmas in Bethlehem, with a lot of pictures
  209. Dec. 27: The story of One of The Last Christians Of Bethlehem
  210. Dec. 28: The View from Bethlehem
  211. Dec. 28:  Christmas Night in the Holy Sepulcher, with videos and Pictures
  212. Dec. 28: Bethlehem is full with foreign tourists, but without local families, CNS
  213. Dec. 28: Arab, Jewish women protest occupation 
  214. Dec. 28: Pray for Israeli-Palestinian peace, Baptist scholars say, Baptist Press
  215. Dec. 29: Mideast Leaders Need to 'Walk the Talk,' Says Palestinian (Lutheran) Bishop

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 * General Moshe Dayan said in 1969, "Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I don't blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahalal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushu'a in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population." 



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