I said to a friend: "If all these Religious Leaders, the Human rights organizations, the NGO's and many important people of different back grounds, even Jews, dared  to say what you will read on the following documents about the situation
in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and the whole M.E.

And if these same people dared to challenge the Israelis and..... their friends as first hand witnesses on the TRUTH
that they have experienced in the land. 
And if you dare calling all of them, biased, racist and anti-semitic,
then dare to say that the TRUTH is  Biased, Racisit and  Anti-Semtic.

We attempt below to give you UPDATES ( DOCUMENTS) from different sources.
Mainly you will find reactions and statements of different Human Rights organizations, Churches, NGOs, UN and many others.
Thank you in advance for sharing this important page with those on your mailing lists.
May God, Allah, Hashem, Adonia, Elohim, the God of different names but:

Pray with us for peace, work for justice and TRUTH.

Jerusalem! What is the  truth?


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  1. February 1, Christians in the Holy Land, By Dr. Fr. Peter Madros
  2. March 7: UN expert: Jewish settlers 'terrorize' Palestinians
  3. March 14: Vatican: Presence of Christians in Holy Land Deemed Vital
  4. March 21: Jerusalem Patriarch's Message
  5. March 29: Patriarchs & Heads of Churches, Jerusalem Statment Israeli elections  
  6. April : Multi-Faith Bethlehem Calling
  7. April 5: An opportunity for Holy Land peace, By Bishop Allen Bartlett
  8. April 15: Easter Message of Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem 
  9. May :  Concentration Camps for Palestinians, Bishop Stern from Pontifical Mission
  10. June 22: Missionaries around the nation, world meet in Kinston for fellowship week 
  11. June 22: Pope deplores Christian exodus 
  12. June 23:  Conference in Solidarity with Palestinians Held in Vienna
  13. June 26: Christian peace worker attacked by settler in Hebron
  14. June 26: Funding agencies meet to discuss Catholic schools in Israel, Cath. News Service
  15. June 27: Israeli President Invites Pope to Holy Land Receives New Apostolic Nuncio
  16. June 28: Sherri Muzher: Speaking for Palestinian Christians 
  17. June 30: Testemony by Fr. Firas Arida, Aboud, on Palestinina conditions
  18. July 3: Priest says Gaza residents are used to living in difficult conditions,Cath. News Service
  19. July 13: Nuncios in Lebanon, Israel Voice Hope 
  20. July 13: From Caritas Jerusalem
  21. July 14: Episcopal Chief to Again Protest Israeli Actions 
  22. July 17: From the Good Shepherd Sisters in Lebanon 
  23. July 17: Break the Cycle of Violence in the Holy Land Bishop, Wenski, USCCB 
  24. July 17: Prayer for Just and Lasting Peace, Bishop Thomas G. Wenski
  25. July 17: Holy Land Violence Strains Catholic Population
  26. July 18: More on Lebanon from the Good Shepherd Sisters 
  27. July 18: Tom Hayden: Things Come ’Round in Mideast
    July 21: Church Leaders Call for an End to Violence  
  28. July 21: Papal nuncio tried to secure release of kidnapped Israeli soldier
    July 22: Latin Patriarch's Message on Lebanon in Arabic
  29. July 22: Archbishop George Khodr: This Terrible War! 
  30. July 22: World Russian People’s Council outraged at raid upon Orthodox church in Israel 
  31. July 24:  A Real Solution to the Conflict in the Middle East, by Fr. Labib Kobti 
  32. July 24: Welcome Condalezza, Fr. Labib Kobti 
  33. July 25:  Lebanon humanitarian crisis Action by Churches Together (ACT) - Switzerland 
  34. July 25:  A reflection on the Middle East crisis by Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky
  35. July 25: Lebanon Appeal, Antiochean Orthodox, Metropolitan PHILIP Archbishop
  36. July 26: Caritas-Jerusalem Aids Medical Care in Gaza
  37. July 28: As Condi Returns to the Middle East, Fr. Labib Kobti
  38. July 28: Orthodox Jews against Zionism
  39. July 28, The Disciples of Christ Church against the wall
  40. July 30: Holy Father's Appeal for Peace
  41. July 30: Jerusalem church leader seeks new Christian approach to Middle East
  42. July 31: Greek Orthodox Church warns Israel: 'Fear God's wrath' 
  43. July 31: Canadian Christian-Jewish dialogue threatened over divestment motion
  44. July 31: Christian Zionism, Evangelicals and Israel
  45. August 1: Message from Bishop Riah, Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem
  46. August 1: Palestinian Catholics express anger over Israeli airstrikes
  47. August 3: Latin Patriarch, Michel Sabbah Prays and Fasts for Peace 
  48. August 4: Message to the Holy Father, Fr. Manuel Musslam, Gaza
  49. August 4: Christian Post: Israel-Hezbollah Conflict Expands to Christians
  50. August 4: Salt of the Earth: "May It Stop" 
  51. August 4: Christian History Corner: Palestinian Christians, Strangers in a Familiar Land 
  52. August 5: Photos: Children Caught in Turmoil 
  53. August 6: What Future is Waiting for Us in the M. E?" by Fr Labib Kobti 
  54. August 6: Orthodox Jews call for Cease fire 
  55. August 7: Statement on Gaza by United Nations humanitarian agencies 
  56. August 7: Caritas Deeply Concerned about Deteriorating Situation in Gaza
  57. August 7: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights: Israeli War Crimes
  58. August 7:  Patriarch Sabbah  visit to Haifa after bombardement
    August 8: 
    Catholic Peace Fellowship, Lebanon, open Country
  59. August 8:  Lutheran World Leader Joins in Call to End Middle East Violence
  60. August 8: Condi New Middle East, by Patrick J. Buchanan
  61. August 9: Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, Riah Abu Al Asal
  63. August 8: Extremism endangers Arab Christians of Israel
  64. August 9: Statement of Church Organizations, Lebanon & Palestrine
    August 9: Letter from a Good Shepherd Sisters
  65. August 10: Father Mussalam Manuel, Letter from Gaza
  66. August 10: Israel and the UN Resolutions
  67. August 10: Christian exodus from Holy Land causes worry, Detroit Free Press
    August 13: Pat Robertson Prays for Israeli Victory 
  68. August 13: Sabeel, from Janet Lewis, United Methodist, Jerusalem
  69. August 13: Christians Detained by Israeli's in Hebron West Bank
  70. August 14: Open letter to George W. Bush on Lebanon, By Ralf Nader
  71. August 15: Human Rights Watch: US Deny Israeli request for Cluster
  72. August 15: Amazing Day of Protest: Photos
  73. August 15:Bishop Robert L. Stern: Concentration Camp for Palestinians
  74. August 15: Interview with Seymour Hersh
  75. August 15:  Episcopal News Ser.: Churches for M. E Peace protests US arms 
  76. August 16: Why such destructions to Lebaon by Israel, Ecumenical pastoral delegation
  77. August 17: Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza: Fr Manuel Musallam,
  78. August 17: American Attitudes: Strong Support for Israel, Pew Research Center
    August 18: Pope pressing for Mideast Peace
  79. August 21: Archbishop of York call for A Sustainable Peace in Middle East
  80. August 21: More on the wall in Palestine, Catholic priest of Aboud
  81. August 21: Violence in West Bank worsen duirng Lebanon war, Human Right Israel
  82. August 22: Play About Joan of Arc Reminds Pope of Mideast
  84. August 23: Knights of Malta trying to send aid to Lebanon
  85. August 23: The people in Gaza  are hungry, thirsty By Fr. Mauel Musallam
  86. August 23: Human Rights Group Accuses Israel of War Crimes 
  87. August 23: Evidence of Israel deliberate Destruction of Lebanese Infrastructure, Amnesty Int.
  88. August 23: U.N. Chief Seeks New Mideast Peace Process
  89. August 24: L'Osservatore: Response Slow in Mideast
  90. August 24: Displaced Christians in the Middle East, Christian Peace Group
  91. August 24: Israeli attacks: Deliberate destruction or "collateral damage"?  UN U. Sec. H. A.
  92. August 24: A Letter from 18 Writers, including 3 Nobel Prize, on Israel & Palestine 
  93. August 24: Amnesty report accuses Israel of war crimes
  94. August 24:  Churches for Middle East Peace speak about what is right to doin the M.E.
  95. August 24: Jews for peace take a stand for peace and justice
  96. August 25: Lebanon's Bishops urge Christians to Stay
  97. August 29: Sisters of the Good Shepherd Lebanon: People of Cedars Say :Thank You
  98. August 29: Zenit News Agency Caritas to Help Lebanon Resettle
  99. August 30: Zenit News Agency Interview: Carrying Forth a Mideast Vision
  100. August 30: Zenit News Agency Religious Leaders' Statement on Christian Zionism
  101. August 30: Middle East Christians Presbyterians Challenge Corporations...
  102. August 30:  Israel leaves behind 100,000 unexploded bombs , UN, Jan Egeland
  103. August 30: Fr Jaeger, Vatican Negotiator: Peace between Israel and PLO only solution
  104. August 30:  As nearly a million displaced Lebanese return home, Mercy Corps
  105. August 30: UN denounces custer bombs
  106. August 30 : Visiting Palestinian youths teach about Christian roots, Ann Arbor News
  107. August 30: Archb. Hanna:Israeli aggression // the Palestinans is an ugly crime, IMEMCNews
  108.  August 31: Deutsch Welle Donor Pledges for Lebanon Far Exceed Targets
  109. August 31: Looking for a Leader with the Great Spirit on his side, OpenNEWS
  110. August 31: Israel must disclose details of Cluster Bomb Attacks  Amnesty International
  111. August 31: Empire Vs Liberation, World Alliance of Reformed Churches
  112. August 31: Vatican attacks the Christian-Zionists on Palestine
  113. Sept 1: Zenit News Agency Archbishop Appeals to Catholics in the Holy Land
  114. Sept 1, I have just returned from the M.E, Lissa  Caldwell, United Methodist Volunteer 
  115. Sept 1: Bush and the term "Islamo-Fascism" by Patrich J. Buchanan
  116. Sept 2: The final place of refuge for Christians in the ME is under threat, William Dalrymple 
  117. Sept 4: Israel / Lebanon crisis in maps, by BBC
  118. Sept 4: Israel/ Lebanon crisis in figures, by BBC
  119. Sept 7: Peace Appeal Issued at Assisi Meeting of Prayer
  120. Sept 7:  Holy See Asks for Moratorium on Cluster Bombs
  121. Sept 8:   Alarm Bells in the East Fr Drew Christensen, SJ, America Magazine
  122. Sept 8:   Righteous Opposition to War the Rev. Lois Powell, Church of Christ
  123. Sept 8:   War is the not solution to terrorism Howard Zinn, Boston Globe
  124. Sept 8:   10 Most Brazen War Profiteers Charlie Cray, Center for Corporate Policy, Wash, DC
  125. Sept 8:   Peacemakers Camp Oseh Shalom-Sanea al-Salam Palestinian-Jewish Family
  126. Sept 8:   Lebanese youth call on US to respect democracy  Rima Merhi in the Daily Star
  127. Sept 8:   Maronite bishops chastise Hizbullah Maroun Khoury in the Daily Star
  128. Sept. 8:  UN warns of  Gaza "breaking point" LISTEN
  129. Sept 9:   Religious Zionism, Messianic Mission, Israeli Settlements Foundation for ME Peace
  130. Sept 9:   Olmert Divides Jerusalem Foundation for Middle East Peace
  131. Sept 9:   East Jerusalem Statistics 2000-2004  Foundation for Middle East Peace
  132. Sept 9:   Jerusalem Statistics 2006 Foundation for Middle East Peace
  133. Sept 9:   US Policy on Jerusalem, Report Summer 2006 Foundation for Middle East Peace
  134. Sept 9:   Barrier Facts, Report Summer 2006 Foundation for Middle East Peace
  135. Sept 9:   New ME Forum to United Church Efforts for Peace Ekklesia
  136. Sept 9:   Creating Middle East Peace with Food Peaceworks Foods (7 Eye Witness News)
  137. Sept 9:   Mideast Peril without Peace Deal King Abdullah of Jordan
  138. Sept 9:   US Children of Lebanese Learn Their Heritage Islamic Center & Catholic Programs
  139. Sept 9:   "...Middle East has many Christians as well as Muslims" Victorine Hinrichs, Maronite Catholic
  140. Sept 9:   Court overturns discriminatory policy I'lam Media: Human Rights
  141. Sept 9:   Palestinians scavenging for food Comments by UN Workers
  142. Sept 9:   Gaza's 1.4 million people deserve protection: int'l presence sought UN agency chief Karen AbyZayd
  143. Sept 10:   Pope's interfaith dialogue & bridge building with Muslims Waleed Aly, Australian lawyer
  144. Sept 11: Why the 9/121 has happened some answers from the Commission Report
  146. Sept 18: The Lebanese fields sown with cluster bombs, By Patrick Cockburn in Nabatiyeh
  147. Sept 20: Forced Migration Review 26: Palestinian displacement: a case apart? University of Oxford
  148. Oct. 12: Media shun mainstream churches' message
  149. Oct. 18: Bishop of Jerusalem, Christians Rally in Support of Palestine 
  150. Oct. 19, IRAQ: Christians live in fear of death squads
  152. Oct. 29: Orthodox leader calls for Iraq withdrawal
  153. Oct. 31: Status of Jerusalem Statement from Jerusalem Church Leaders
  154. Oct. 31: U.S. Bishops: Religious Minorities Declining in Iraq
  155. Oct. 31: United Nations delegation witnesses Israeli devastation of Palestinian olive harvest 
  156. Oct. 31:  U.S. Bishops Call for Protection of Iraq's Christians
  157. Oct. 31: Chrisitans in Syria
  159. Nov. 3: Vatican to U.N. on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  160. Nov. 5: Vatican Pontiff Calls for Halt to Violence in Holy Land
  161. Nov. 5: Holy See Insists on 2-State Solution in Mideast
  162. Nov. 5: PMRS Urgent Appeal to End Gaza Carnage
  163. Nov. 7:  Christians Discriminated Against by Israel?  By Donald Neff
  164. Nov. 11: From Jeruslam to Gaza, Sabeel Conference report
  165. Nov. 11: Jimmy Carter, Peace Not Apartheid (New York: 2006) IMPORTANT
  166. Nov. 14: Situation in Palestine, By UN Humanitarian Affaires
  167. Nov. 15: WAR DEADENS THE SPIRIT OF TRUE MANHOOD,By Monsignor Manuel Musallam
  169. Nov. 16: Peace through equality for all, Bernard Sabella, IMEU
  170. Nov. 16: Holy See's Address on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  171. Nov. 19: Kissinger Says Victory in Iraq Is Not Possible
  172. Nov. 21: IDF (Israel) admits using cluster bombs against civilians in Lebanon
  173. Nov. 22: The Massacre of Beit-Hanoun by Kathleen Christison is a former CIA political analyst
  174. Nov 22: Pontiff Warns of "Dark Forces" in Lebanon
  175. Nov 22: Civil War in Lebanon, by Robert Fisk
  176. Nov. 22: UN rights chief says Palestinians, Israelis feel abandoned by world 
  177. Nov. 27: Benedict XVI Pleads for "Autonomous" Lebanon
  178.  Nov. 27 :Assyrian Leader in Iraq Assassinated for Advocating Assyrian Autonomy
  179. Nov. 28 : Sweden to Investigate Finding of Assyrian Mass Graves in Turkey
  180. Nov.. 29: Benedict XVI Appeals for Peace in Jerusalem
  181. Dec. 1: Milken Institute Review, Iraq War Will Cost More-than-$2-Trillion 
  182. Dec. 6: The report from the Iraq Study Group 
  183. Dec. 8,   This year will they know its Christmas in Palestine? Caristas Jerusalem
  184. Dec. 10: Pontiff Makes Special Appeal for Lebanon
  185. Dec. 10: On the Occasion of the "International Human Rights Day", PALESTINE
  186. Dec. 10, The Big Lie About the Middle East, By LISA BEYER
  187. Dec. 11: Christians demoralized by Israelis continue to leave Bethlehem area
  188. Dec. 11: Tutu: Israel Refused Visas to Fact-finding Mission to Gaza Strip
  189. Dec. 12: Amnesty asks EU to impose arms embargo on Israel
  190. Dec. 12: War on Terrorism Has to Observe Limits, Says Pope
  191. Dec. 12: WE FORGIVE OUR KIDNAPERS in IRAQ, Christian Peace Team
  192. Dec. 12: UNRWA appeals for $246m in emergency fund for the occupied Palestinian territory
  193. Dec. 13: UN Chief´s Parting Message to U.S., Israel, and PA  
  194. Dec. 13: Annan speaks (departing speach of the UN chief)
  195. Dec. 13: Colonialism, apartheid and Palestine (discussing Jimmy Carter Book)
  196. Dec.13:  Olmert and Pope Discuss Peace, Catholics in Israel
  197. Dec. 14: Pope, Israeli official discuss problems of Christians in Holy Land
  198. Dec. 14: Clergy: US holds key to Mideast peace 
  199. Dec. 14: Catholic Patriarchs: political instability prompts Christians to migrate from East
  200. Dec. 14:  Conversations with the Peacemaker, Father Peter Dougherty 
  201. Dec.14: Papal Aide and Donation Go to Holy-Land Christians
  202. Dec. 14: Don't Abandon Bethlehem, Mayor Urges Christians Worldwide
  203. Dec. 14: UNICEF: 2006 One of The Worst Years for Palestine Children
  204. Dec. 14: UN Must Be At Forefront Of Palestine Peace Efforts, Says Syed Hamid
  205. Dec. 14: High Court tells IDF to dismantle small barrier hampering Palestinians
  206. Dec. 15: Carter and Baker: The Final Opportunity to Infuse Anti-Israel Idealism into a New Political Era
  207. Dec. 15: UN Probes Israeli Wall in Palestine
  208. Dec. 15: UN to set up registry for complaints against fence
  209. Dec. 15: Presiding Episcopelian Bishop joins in call for renewed efforts at Middle East peace
  210. Dec. 15: Christmas  procession for Bethlehem in Washington, Ad Hoc Committee for Bethlehem
  212. Dec. 17: Former President Carter blames media's 'pro-Israel bias' on AIPAC and 'Christians like me'
  213. Dec. 17, The Spirit of Christmas: Bush and Blair banned from birthplace of Jesus Christ
  214. Dec. 18: Pope: Peace Depends on Jews, Christians and Muslims
  215. Dec. 18: Peace through Equality for AllBy Dr. Bernard Sabella
  216. Dec. 19: Pope Benedict XVI: War Does Not Resolve Conflict
  217. Dec. 19, Christmas Message, Caritas Jerusalem
  218. Dec. 19, Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2's Wogan Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams 
  219. Dec. 19, Pontiff Sees Vatican-Syria Relations Progressing
  220. Dec. 19, A child in Bethlehem, The Economist
  221. Dec. 20, UN Annan: Iran Intervention Would Be Unwise
  222. Dec. 20, Pope Donates €1 Million to Holy-Land Custodian
  223. Dec. 20, Bishop Riah, Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, Christmas message 2006
  224. Dec. 21, Latin Patriarch Message Michel Sabbah, Christmas 2006 MASSEAGE
  225. Dec. 22, 'Bethlehem wall' shock for Williams, Archbishop of  Canterbury
  226. Dec. 25, Christmas 2006, QUMSIEH
  227. Dec. 25, Hundreds of locals, but few foreigners mark Christmas in Bethlehem, From Bethlehem, by Ha'artez
  228. Dec. 25, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, Christmas Message
  229. Dec. 25, Catholic Church cancels Christmas Crib 
  230. Visit OPEN BETHLEHM for more articles about Christmas and Bethlehem
  231. Dec. 25, Benedict XVIPleads for Peace, Cites Mideast, Darfur and Sri Lanka in Message
  232. Dec. 28, A Christmas Reflection, By Margo Sabella for MIFTAH 
  233. Dec. 29, Not the Bethlehem of our thoughts, By Leila Sansour


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