Voices of TRUTH

We are trying to give you UPDATES ( DOCUMENTS) from different sources and specially things coming about the Holy Land and IRAQ. Mainly you will find reactions and statements of different Human Rights organizations,  Churches, NGOs, UN and many others from  all over the world.
They want to be the voice of the TRUTH, telling what they think about what is happening in the Holy Land.
This their VOICES are  more accurate than the NEWSPAPERS, Radios  and TVs as they speak about things that they have seen, lived or experienced on the ground of the Holy Land or heard  as  first hand from their offices there on the ground of the Holy Land.
Please feel free to use it, send it to your lists and please give it to your pastor, priest, Sheikh, Rabbi,  organizations, committees for justice and peace studies and committement.


You may like to visit other sources the Vatican Website at Al-Bushra as well Head Christian Churches , Latin Patriarchate, US CATHOLIC , Churches for Middle East Peace, Daring to speak out, Jerusalem what is the TRUTH, Addameer INTIFADA on line, IAP.ORG (Islamic Association for Palestine)  as well Miftah Website of Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, ISRAEL , Iraq, Palestine, Jews from Israel and Outside for Justice & TRUTH , Red Cresecent Society NonViolence And Branch of OLIVE , A MESSAGE A WEEK, Fact Sheet UPDATES RECOMMENDED: Associated Christian Press, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL,  Other Links

Do you want to contact your Representative or Senator,
or the Media so as to speak out?



  • January: The Situation of Palestinian Christians: Some Food for Thought,  By Bernard Sabella
  • January 21,   Church Leaders' Inaugural Letter to President Bush
  • February 23, Church body backs Palestinian cause,  World Council of Churches
  • May 26, Church Leaders Meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
  • Dec. 5, Church leaders call for peace in Iraq, Palestine and region 
  • December 13, Condemns Wall Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Micael Sabbah



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31 Jan 2009