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  We seek to keep you literally "updated" on movement in terms of truth and justice in the Middle East in general with a particular eye on Palestine.  The links below will take you to various articles and websites that offer the perspective of leaders in the religious, NGO, and human rights communities. Additionally, Al-Bushra, ever vigilant, provides links to regular reporting as well as opinion pieces by journalists. The dates given here indicate when the link was posted; the most recent posting is at the top. Check the article itself for the date of publication.  

Last update: 13 October 2009 20:17:37 -0700

  Sept 30, 2009 Tikkun: Israel as Idolatry by Rabbi Michael Lerner  
  Sept 30, 2009 BBC: Goldstone defends UN Gaza report  
  Sept 30, 2009 Human Rights Watch: US: Endorse Goldstone Report on Gaza  
  Sept 30, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team, At Tuwani: Activists successfully accompany water convoy though the South Hebron Hills  
  Sept 29, 2009 Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem: Sunday in Taybeh  
  Sept 29, 2009 Baptism Garments from Bethlehem where Jesus was born are made to order and shipped worldwide  
  Sept 29, 2009 UMKAHIL: What Would Jesus Say (to a Zio-Christian)?  
  Sept 29, 2009 Al Jazeera: Interview with activist Hanan Ashrawi [11-minute video]  
  Sept 28, 2009 Ma'an: Archbishop Atallah Hanna: Israel targets mosque today, church tomorrow  
  Sept 28, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace: We Want Strong U.S. Leadership to Achieve a Just and Lasting Peace!  
  Sept 26, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: Dilemma at Ben-Gurion by Lorin Peters on Sept. 8, 2009  
  Sept 26, 2009 Peacemakers At Tuwani: Christian Peacemaker Team member denied entry to Israel following false detention  
  Sept 25, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace: Response from US Dept. of State to the Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Episcopal, regarding evictions  
  Sept 25, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace: Letter in Secretary of State Clinton regarding water crisis in Gaza  
  Sept 25, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace: Letter in Support of a Comprehensive Middle East Peace: An American National Interest Imperative  
  Sept 25, 2009 America Magazine, Catholic Weekly: Siege Mentality by the editors  
  Sept 25, 2009 Light in Galilee: Christians Vital for Mideast Peace, Says Head of Palestinian Bible Society  
  Sept 24, 2009 Garth Hewitt - From the Broken Heart of Gaza (Father Musallam's Letter) [6-minute song on You Tube]  
  Sept 24, 2009 We Are Wide Awake: Obama, an Israeli, a Rabbi, Arabs, People of Conscience and Faith by Eileen Fleming  
  Sept 23, 2009 Qattan Foundation: Fragile Bodies, Young Artists from Occupied Palestine and Golan Heights  
  Sept 23, 2009 Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine: the 2009 Campus Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Conference at Hampshire College  
  Sept 23, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal, comments on an essay by Robert A. Falk: Why the Goldstone report matters  
  Sept 23, 2009 Wall Writings: Stand up to Bibi, Mr. President; The World is Watching by James M. Wall  
  Sept 23, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal, comments on a message from Uri Avnery  
  Sept 23, 2009 Rabble: How to really fight anti-Semitism by Suzanne Weiss  
  Sept 22, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal, shares how we might support the Goldstone Report on Gaza  
  Sept 22, 2009 United Nations Human Rights Council: Statement by H.E. Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi, Permanent Representative of the Holy See to the United Nations  
  Sept 22, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team, At Tuwani: Israeli police refuse to act after Palestinian home  
  Sept 22, 2009 Intifada, Voice of Palestine: Will Israel Fall in 20 Years? by Jeff Gates  
  Sept 21, 2009 History News Network:  A Young Palestinian's Diary 1941-45, book offering an account of life in Palestine during the British Mandate reviewed by Kimberly Katz  
  Sept 21, 2009 Zenit: Papal Address to Eastern Patriarchs and Major Archbishops  
  Sept 20, 2009 Information Clearing House: What Did Ahmadinejad Really Say? by Robert Perry  
  Sept 19, 2009 Carter Center: Carter Center Urges All Parties to Heed Goldstone Report Recommendations  
  Sept 19, 2009 Tikkun: Both Israelis and Palestinians have something to atone for though Israel's crimes were far more murderous in fact, if not in  intent: UN Report followed by an article by Gideon Levy  
  Sept 19, 2009 Tikkun: High Holidays 5770, America Needs Repentance  
  Sept 19, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal, comments on the fears of Jewish settlers  
  Sept 19, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal, shares this message from Uri Avnery on the Goldstone Report  
  Sept 19, 2009 End the Occupation: Goldstone Report Already Making Waves  
  Sept 19, 2009 Democracy Now: UN Inquiry Finds Israel “Punished and Terrorized” Palestinian Civilians, Committed War Crimes During Gaza Assault [13-minute video]  
  Sept 19, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal, shares press releases regarding the response of Jewish Peace News to the UN Report  
  Sept 19, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal, comments on "It Is Time for Israel to Face the Music" by Joharah Baker in MIFTAH  
  Sept 17, 2009 At Tuwani Urgent Peacemakers At Tuwani: Action: Israeli Military Fails to Protect Palestinian School Children  
  Sept 16, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: It's time to play hardball!  
  Sept 16, 2009 Counterpunch: Ted Kennedy's Changing Take on Israel by Franklin Lamb  
  Sept 16, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team, At Tuwani: Childhood in Palestine by Jan Benvie  
  Sept 16, 2009 The Friends Int'l Center in Ramallah: What do you find on the roof of every Palestinian home and institution that will not be found on the roof of an Israeli home or institution?   
  Sept 15, 2009 Dissident Voice: Israeli Ads Warn against Marrying Non-Jews by Jonathan Cook  
  Sept 14, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal, shares his memo to President Obama featuring a poem by Jacques Brel  
  Sept 14, 2009 Janet Lewis, Missionary of the United Methodist Church to the Holy Land sends "Dividing War Spoils: Israel's Robbery of Palestinian Property" by Dr. Salman Abu Sitta       
  Sept 14, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: Comments on Land First, Then Peace by Prince Turki al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia  
  Sept 14, 2009 Zenit: Holy Land Prelate: Peacemaking Methods Must Change  
  Sept 14, 2009 Americans for Middle East Understanding: The Link: Ending Israeli's Occupation by John F. Mahoney  
  Sept 14, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: Comments on the rise of Israel's military rabbis  
  Sept 14, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal, calls our attention to ending Israel's occupation by boycott, divestment, sanctions  
  Sept 14, 2009 Arbisto:President Obama's Nuclear Opportunity: Dialogue with Iran and Blow Israel's Ambiguity by Eileen Fleming  
  Sept 14, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: Comments on article in BBC News: 'Urgency' in US Middle East talks  
  Sept 14, 2009 Tikkun: The Trial of Israel’s Campus Critics  
  Sept 14, 2009 "I Am Israel" - 6-minute documentary video in response to Michael Jackson's "They Really Don't Care about Us"       See also: Sharon to Peres: "We Control America" [2001]  
  Sept 13, 2009 The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions: THE KEY TO PEACE: DISMANTLING THE MATRIX OF CONTROL by Jeff Halper, written a decade ago     Click for comments today, a decade after Matrix of Control was written  
  Sept 13, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: Comments on article in BBC News: Israel cautious on peace 'gaps'  
  Sept 13, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team:AT TUWANI UPDATE  
  Sept 12, 2009 Uri Avnery: Wobbly Stools  
  Sept 12, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: Governor Huckabee by Lorin Peters on Aug. 19, 2009  
  Sept 12, 2009 MIFTAH: Last Leg of Ramadan Amid Continued Settlement Growth [September 6 – September 12]  
  Sept 12, 2009 MIFTAH: President Obama, Please Be Different by Joharah Baker  
  Sept 12, 2009 Friends of Freedom and Justice Bilin: Bil'in night raid 12.09.09  
  Sept 12, 2009 Canadian Charger: Fighting antisemitism in Canada by Dr. Yakov M. Rabkin  
  Sept 11, 2009 Jewish Voice for Peace: Setting the record straight: Response to historical distortions, TIFF  
  Sept 11, 2009 Zenit: Message to Muslims: "Poverty Has the Power to Humiliate"  
  Sept 11, 2009 Zenit: Ending Poverty: a Joint Muslim-Christian Cause, Vatican's Message for End of Ramadan Invites Cooperation  
  Sept 11, 2009 The Rebuilding Alliance: Strategy: Soccer. Goal: Open the Blockade of Gaza  
  Sept 10, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: Moses and Matall by Lorin Peters  
  Sept 10, 2009 Green Left: British firefighters call for boycott of Israel  
  Sept 10, 2009 An open letter to the Toronto International Film Festival  
  Sept 10, 2009 United Nations: UN, aid agencies call for opening of Gaza crossings to allow rebuilding of schools  
  Sept 10, 2009 US Aid Gaza/West Bank: A day of Palestinian American youth exchange in Ramallah [10-minute video of hope]  
  Sept 10, 2009 US Gaza E-Consulate: Statement by the Press Secretary on Israeli Settlements  
  Sept 10, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team, At Tuwani: Israeli settlers build new caravans in Ma'on settlement  
  Sept 10, 2009 Online Diary of Kawther Salam: A Palestinian Child Against Israel at The ICC  
  Sept 10, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team, Hebron: This Used to Be Paradise by Barbara Martens      
  Sept 9, 2009 Common Dreams: [Former CIA agents] Kathleen and Bill Christison: Palestine in Pieces [IMPORTANT 22-minute video interview]  
  Sept 9, 2009 Friends of SABEEL, North America: Global Actions to End Israel's Occupation and Human Rights Violations, review initiated by Palestine-Israel Action Group, Ann Arbor Quakers and updated by Interfaith Peace Initiative  
  Sept 9, 2009 United Nations: Israel’s approval of more settlements sparks Ban’s deep concern  
  Sept 9, 2009 America Magazine, the National Catholic Weekly: Arab Christians Face New Wave of Violence  
  Sept 9, 2009 Ann Hafften, Texas Lutheran: ICAHD Building Camp 2009: Day 4  
  Sept 7, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: Stealing Their Own Rainwater? by Lorin Peters  
  Sept 7, 2009 The Washington Post: The Elders' View Of the Middle East by Jimmy Carter  
  Sept 6, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: In honor of Liat by Lorin Peters  
  Sept 6, 2009 Abouna Labib Kobti: A question to logical minds following the decision of the Norwegian governement's ethical council  
  Sept 6, 2009 The Electronic Intifada: A big thank you [the decision of the Norwegian government's ethical council] by Prof. Ilan Pappe  
  Sept 5, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team:AT TUWANI UPDATE: August 2009  
  Sept 5, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: Open letter to President Obama regarding Netanyahu  and settlements  
  Sept 5, 2009 We Hold These Truths: Why Pastor RA, Mike Huck-wannabe-president, and Coral Ridge Ministries would take the Palestinians' cloak and tunic by Charles E. Carlson  
  Sept 4, 2009 The Elders: Archbishop Tutu to Haaretz: Arabs paying for Germany's crimes by Akiva Eldar  
  Sept 4, 2009 The Elders: East Jerusalem: The indignity and illegality of eviction by Mary Robinson  
  Sept 4, 2009 The Elders: Messages for Peace from around the world  
  Sept 4, 2009 The Carter Center: Trip Report by Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on the Elders Visit to the Middle East: August 22-29, 2009  
  Sept 4, 2009 MIFTAH: Bringing Down the House: Home Demolitions in East Jerusalem, a special study by Jennifer Urgilez  
  Sept 3, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: AL-KHALIL/HEBRON UPDATE: August 2009  
  Sept 3, 2009 Life Source: Preview clip of Gaza is floating, a short film about how the Israeli siege is leading to a sanitation disaster in Gaza, causing environmental catastrophe and human tragedy [5-minute video]  
  Sept 2, 2009 World Council of Churches: WCC calls to freeze and dismantle Israeli settlements  
  Sept 1, 2009 The Washington Post: Deadline on Nuclear Talks With U.S. Nears  
  Sept 1, 2009 J Street: Our First National Conference for Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Advocates, Oct. 25-28 in Washington, DC  
  Sept 1, 2009 Council for the National Interest: Fall 2009 Political Pilgrimage - fact finding mission from Beirut to Cairo  
  Sept 1, 2009 Council for the National Interest: What is Obama's peace plan?  
  Sept 1, 2009 Council for the National Interest: Israel Threatens Lebanon and Obama  
  Sept 1, 2009 The Jerusalem Post: Encountering Peace: President Obama: Pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, pro-peace by Gershon Baskin  
  Sept 1, 2009 The Presbyterian Outlook: Israeli occupation a 'sin against God' says global churches' leader  
  Sept 1, 2009 Ma'an News Agency: Archbishop Tutu tells Ma'an: World must engage Hamas  
  Sept 1, 2009 The Nation: Boycott Israel? by Roane Carey, managing editor  
  Sept 1, 2009 Middle East Studies Association: letter dated 27 August 2009 in support of Professor Neve Gordon and academic freedom [see 27 August 2009]  
  Sept 1, 2009 Reuters: No talks without full settlement freeze: Abbas aide  
  Sept 1, 2009 Friends of Freedom: Israeli occupation forces raided three homes simultaneously and arrested Abed Baset Mohammed Abu Rahme (age 19). [documentation in text and video]  
  Sept 1, 2009 The Huffington Post: Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni Is No Role Model for Hawaii's Women by Ann Wright  
  Sept 1, 2009 We Are Wide Awake: Message from Eileen Fleming to President Obama and Americans with a Conscience  
  Sept 1, 2009 MIFTAH: Don't Criticize Israel, You Anti-Semite by Joharah Baker  
  Sept 1, 2009 The Real News   Israelis restrict Palestinians' water supply [8-minute video]  
  Sept 1, 2009 Professor Robert Jenkins, Journalism, University of Austin-Texas: American media bias on Israel-Palestine conflict [6-minute video]  



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