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  We seek to keep you literally "updated" on movement in terms of truth and justice in the Middle East in general with a particular eye on Palestine.  The links below will take you to various articles and websites that offer the perspective of leaders in the religious, NGO, and human rights communities. Additionally, Al-Bushra, ever vigilant, provides links to regular reporting as well as opinion pieces by journalists. The dates given here indicate when the link was posted; the most recent posting is at the top. Check the article itself for the date of publication.  

Last update: 13 October 2009 20:16:28 -0700

  Mar. 30, 2009 UN: 70% of Palestinian Youth Oppose Violence to Resolve Conflict with Israel  
  Mar. 30, 2009 101 things you can do for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine [PDF]  
  Mar. 30, 2009 2008 Resolution or the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to promote peace, justice, and reconciliation in the Holy Land [PDF]  
  Mar. 30, 2009 Pontiff to remember Gaza on Holy Thursday  
  Mar. 30, 2009 Bethlehem University celebrates Women's Day  
  Mar. 30, 2009 Bethlehem University hosts its 20th science fair  
  Mar. 30, 2009 Bethlehem University: Senior student succeeds where her family cannot  
  Mar. 30, 2009 Inauguration speech of Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University  
  Mar. 30, 2009 Stuart Littlewood: Wake up, Christians, or lose the Holy Land  
  Mar. 29, 2009 Arabs, Jewish activists, protest home demolitions in Jerusalem  
  Mar. 29, 2009 Professor John Mearsheimer: The lobby falters  
  Mar. 29, 2009 Vanunu and St. John of the Cross  
  Mar. 29, 2009 Few results seen from Mideast teen peace camps [from Oct. 2008]  
  Mar. 29, 2009 Desmond Tutu: Realizing God's dream in the Holy Land [from Oct. 2007]  
  Mar. 29, 2009 Young Palestinians serenade Holocaust survivors in Israel  
  Mar. 28, 2009 Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem to be guest of the Peace Cycle and keynote speaker at European Parliament in Brussels [on current webpage, but announcements change over time]  
  Mar. 28, 2009 An open letter regarding the dropping of the Tolerance award from the Quebec film festival  
  Mar. 28, 2009 A history of the Mideast in the humble chickpea  
  Mar. 28, 2009 Winter issue of Cornerstone, a quarterly publication of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center [several reports and testimonials in PDF]  
  Mar. 28, 2009 Bishops dialogue with US Jewish leaders  
  Mar. 26, 2009 Missionary couple invites Catholics to visit Iraq  
  Mar. 26, 2009 Pope's Holy Land itinerary published  
  Mar. 26, 2009 Caritas mobile medical teams report on psychological cases in Gaza  
  Mar. 26, 2009 Blair backs Jordan baptism center  
  Mar. 26, 2009 The Aftermath of the War on Gaza and Israeli Elections: Problems and Prospects Facing Palestinian/Israeli Peace by Yousef Munnayyer  [PDF]  
  Mar. 26, 2009 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: Four Views  
  Mar. 24, 2009 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: Churchwide Strategy for Engagement in Israel and Palestine [2005 PDF document]  
  Mar. 24, 2009 Blog of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: 2009 Conference of Bishops Academy  
  Mar. 24, 2009 Build Holy Land peace at home [initiative of Churches for Middle East Peace] Resource materials  
  Mar. 24, 2009 International Orthodox Christian Charities: Combatting the 'silent killers' among Syria's Iraqi refugees  
  Mar. 24, 2009 nternational Orthodox Christian Charities: Report on Gaza [12-minute audio interview]  
  Mar. 24, 2009 International Orthodox Christian Charities: Families in Gaza endure, struggle to rebuild  
  Mar. 24, 2009 Church of England: Response to article by Melanie Phillips  
  Mar. 24, 2009 Palestinian bishops allowed to enter Gaza on the third attempt [Word document from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land]  
  Mar. 24, 2009 A Short Address by Bishop Dawani at St. George's Cathedral, Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem  
  Mar. 24, 2009 Apartheid blog of Mazin Qumsiyeh, professor at Bethlehem University  
  Mar. 24, 2009 Sharing the land of Canaan: Human rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle  
  Mar. 22, 2009 Israeli wins French prize for questioning origin of Jewish people  
  Mar. 22, 2009 Gilad Atzmon: War on terror within - the end of Jewish history  
  Mar. 22, 2009 Egyptian lawyer files suit for the rights of Christian converts  
  Mar. 22, 2009 Zionism is the problem  
  Mar. 21, 2009 Israeli police ban Arab Culture Day in Jerusalem  
  Mar. 21, 2009 Behind the scenes: Yoni Goodman talks about Closed Zone [one-minute video]  
  Mar. 21, 2009 Closed Zone [one-minute animated video on closed border]  
  Mar. 21, 2009 We Hold These Truths: Editorial on accounts of Israeli soldiers  
  Mar. 21, 2009 Nightly News with Brian Williams: Israeili soldiers' tales of brutality cause uproar [two-minute video]  
  Mar. 21, 2009 Petition to exhort the Pope to visit Gaza in May  
  Mar. 20, 2009 Israeli soldiers expose atrocities in Gaza  
  Mar. 20, 2009 American shot by Israeli soldiers [International Solidarity Movement]  
  Mar. 20, 2009 DVDs and study materials available from Salt Films  
  Mar. 20, 2009 DVDs available from "We Hold These Truths..."  
  Mar. 20, 2009 'Christians' tour Israel: Gaza extermination grinds on  
  Mar. 20, 2009 All's well in the kingdom of Canada [an account of Israeli Apartheid Week at Canadian universities]  
  Mar. 20, 2009 Righteous:Jews who have spoken against the carnage in Gaza  
  Mar. 20, 2009 Environmental awareness campaign in Beit-Jala  
  Mar. 19, 2009 Slim pickings for young in Gaza [one-minute video]  
  Mar. 19, 2009 Holy Land Christians as witnesses to hope  
  Mar. 18, 2009 Survey: Less Than 1 Percent of Young Adults Hold Biblical Worldview  
  Mar. 18, 2009 Pope to visit Muslim, Jewish sites in Mideast trip  
  Mar. 17, 2009 Zionism – Tried and Failed" Interview with Akiva Orr  
  Mar. 17, 2009 Archbishop Theodosius: Pope not welcome in Jerusalem  
  Mar. 17, 2009 The Martyrdom of Vanunu: Machiavelli and Peres  
  Mar. 17, 2009 Rev. Russell O. Siler: Not from Jerusalem #19 [regarding reporting in the media]  
  Mar. 17, 2009 Statement by the family of Rachel Corrie on the sixth anniversary of her stand in Gaza  
  Mar. 17, 2009 Austrians and Palestinians against war crimes in Gaza  
  Mar. 17, 2009 Speech of George Galloway, British MP, with UK Aid to Gaza convoy [ten-minute video]  
  Mar. 17, 2009 A village in Syria where Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken [seven-minute video]  
  Mar. 17, 2009 Justice for Gaza convoy crosses into Gaza strip 
  Mar. 16, 2009 Iraq land of martyrs: Christians feeling the brunt of wrath in Iraq war  
  Mar. 16, 2009 Health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory [Lancet portal]  
  Mar. 16, 2009 The dominant strand of Zionism does not make comfortable bedfellows with core values of Judaism  
  Mar. 15, 2009 Halt of construction orders in Khirbet Deir Sa'ida  
  Mar. 15, 2009 Vatican: Reports on distribution of 2008 Holy Land collection  
  Mar. 15, 2009 Enforcing Israeli Control over the Lands of Khirbet Imreiha  
  Mar. 14, 2009 Letter from Congregation of Eastern Churches regarding Holy Land collection: The Cradle of Christianity risks to remain with fewer and fewer Christians  
  Mar. 13, 2009 Paint over a bullet hole  
  Mar. 13, 2009 Gaza man witnesses soldiers executing his father  
  Mar. 13, 2009 Benedict XVI: Dialogue with Jews necessary  
  Mar. 12, 2009 Winds of change in Washington: Let's keep up the momentum for peace  
  Mar. 10, 2009 Nuncio presents program for Pope's Israel trip  
  Mar. 9, 2009 Azzun Atmeh village completely sealed off by the Segregation Wall  
  Mar. 9, 2009 Lent: A time for healing and hope  
  Mar. 9, 2009 The Narrative of the Newly Proposed Master Plan to 14 Palestinian Communities in Area "C"  
  Mar. 7, 2009 Egyptian family chases better future  
  Mar. 7, 2009 Muslim brotherhood looks to soften stance on women, Christians  
  Mar. 7, 2009 Off limits to Christians  
  Mar. 7, 2009 IEgypt: Islamic lawyers urge death sentence for convert  
  Mar. 7, 2009 Muslim brotherhood looks to soften stance on women, Christians  
  Mar. 7, 2009 Summer in Cairo, a life changing experience  
  Mar. 7, 2009 Pope to visit Jordan mosque during Holy Land tour  
  Mar. 6, 2009 Sumud Peace House: Memory of Ein Karem  
  Mar. 6, 2009 Sumud Peace House: Niccola, restaurant owner near Rachel's tomb  
  Mar. 6, 2009 Sumud Peace House: It hurts my heart that holy cities are separated by an eight-meter high wall  
  Mar. 6, 2009 Occupation 101: Palestine Israel Occupation Intifada [three-minute video]  
  Mar. 6, 2009 Occupaton 101: Voices of the silenced majority [four-minute video]  
  Mar. 6, 2009 Sumud Peace House: Interview with English teacher Susan Attalah  
  Mar. 6, 2009 Middle Eastern Priest Explains Islam (Part 2)  
  Mar. 6, 2009 Yad Vashem to study Pius XII  
  Mar. 5, 2009 OIC condemns Zionist schemes in occupied Jerusalem  
  Mar. 5, 2009 Lost in the blur of slogans [another perspective]  
  Mar. 5, 2009 Israeli Apartheid Week trailer [one-minute video]  
  Mar. 5, 2009 Jean-Moïse Braitberg Effacez le nom de mon grand-père à Yad Vashem  
  Mar. 5, 2009 Neumann Family:  Remove our grandmother's name from the wall at Yad Vashem  
  Mar. 4, 2009 Middle Eastern Priest Explains Islam (Part 1)  
  Mar. 4, 2009 Papal Holy Land trip to have an interreligious focus  
  Mar. 4, 2009 U.S. Secretary of State Clinton urges the Jewish state not to demolish Palestinian homes [2-minute video]  
  Mar. 4, 2009 Religion and Ethics: Israeli election [video + transcript]  
  Mar. 4, 2009 Pope and Prime Minister Gordon Brown discuss hopes for Holy Land peace  
  Mar. 4, 2009 Out of the overflow of the heart--Jesus and Mary as vulgar comedy in the Holy Land  
  Mar. 4, 2009 The ongoing fight for Al-Bustan, Silwan  
  Mar. 4, 2009 Continued non-violent struggle in Sheikh Jarrah  
  Mar. 4, 2009 Checkpoint watch at Bethlehem checkpoint 300  
  Mar. 3, 2009 A Perfect Moral Failure: Just war theory and the Israeli attack on Gaza [PDF]  
  Mar. 3, 2009 US lawmakers shocked over Gaza devastation  
  Mar. 3, 2009 Community in U.S. meeting to discuss plight of fellow Christians in Middle East  
  Mar. 2, 2009 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: "Time is of the essence" [one-minute video]  
  Mar. 2, 2009 The Reality of Zionism [Powerpoint presentation in French and English]  
  Mar. 2, 2009 Judith Weisman on Zionism [six-minute video]  
  Mar. 1, 2009 A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation [book ordering information]  
  Mar. 1, 2009 Christians have a role to play in rebuilding Iraq         



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