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  We seek to keep you literally "updated" on movement in terms of truth and justice in the Middle East in general with a particular eye on Palestine.  The links below will take you to various articles and websites that offer the perspective of leaders in the religious, NGO, and human rights communities. Additionally, Al-Bushra, ever vigilant, provides links to regular reporting as well as opinion pieces by journalists. The dates given here indicate when the link was posted; the most recent posting is at the top. Check the article itself for the date of publication.  

Last update: 13 October 2009 20:16:04 -0700

  June 25, 2009 World Council of Churches: Eye witness perspectives on Middle East peace  
  June 25, 2009 Brandeis University Press: Between Arab and Jew: The Lost Voice of Simon Rawidowicz by David M. Myers  
  June 25, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: AT-TUWANI: Israeli Police Detain Arrest Palestinian Children While Grazing  
  June 23, 2009 Brookings Institute: Reactions to President Obama's Speech to the Muslim World  
  June 23, 2009 Headline: Israel removes dozens of roadblocks; UN: "...there are 630 different obstacles and roadblocks in place throughout the West Bank."  
  June 23, 2009 Professor Yakov Rabkin: Israel could learn from [Australian] Sorry Day  
  June 23, 2009 Auschwitz survivor: "I can identify with Palestinian youth"   
  June 23, 2009 YMCA Joint Advocacy Initiative: Youth Group from the United Church of Canada  
  June 23, 2009 Statement by Nune Grigoryan - Armenian participant at the JAI Olive Planting Program 2009  
  June 23, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Teams: An Open Letter to President Obama: Call on Israel to stop its violence against Palestinians  
  June 23, 2009 Ancient Holy Land quarry uncovered  
  June 22, 2009 Justice must prevail: An American doctor's account  
  June 22, 2009 Carter's strong words on Gaza [2-minute video]  
  June 20, 2009 Yisrael Harel: Go dance in the streets [an Israeli view]  
  June 20, 2009 Yossi Alpher: Walking between the raindrops [an Israeli view]  
  June 20, 2009 Ghassan Khatib: A farcical position on statehood [a Palestinian view]  
  June 20, 2009 Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway: Thus spoke Netanyahu [a Palestinian view]  
  June 19, 2009 Rabbi Michael Lerner on Relations with Israel and Palestine [6-minute video]  
  June 19, 2009 Support human rights activist Ezra Nawi  
  June 19, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace: Administration Stands Firm as U.S. - Israeli Dialogue Continues  
  June 18, 2009 Freeze Means Freeze: Send a message to President Obama supporting the Administration's position on settlements  
  June 18, 2009 President Carter Meets with Jerusalem Church Leaders and is deeply touched by their Commitment to Peace, Reconciliation and Interfaith Harmony    
  June 17, 2009 Leading American Christians applaud Obama's speech, respond to his call for Holy Land peace    
  June 17, 2009 Palestine: What It's All About   [two-minute video]  
  June 16, 2009 Latin Patriarch: Agony in the Garden Continues  
  June 16, 2009 Peace Now response to Bibi Netanyahu's Speech - Yariv Oppenheimer  
  June 15, 2009 United Methodist Church regarding "The Christian Exodus from the Holy" in National Geographic  
  June 15, 2009 Stonewalled: A humanitarian trip runs aground in Gaza  
  June 15, 2009 Avraham Burg: The Holocaust Is Over; We Must Rise From its Ashes  
  June 14, 2009 Bill Clinton speaks to Arab-Americans: "I think it's really important to give the Palestinian people something to look forward to."  
  June 9, 2009 Israel Will Not Seize Funds From Catholic Schools  
  June 8, 2009 Churches in seven countries participate in World Week for Peace in Israel - Palestine  
  June 8, 2009 Prayers being read aloud by women and children near the Separation Wall [5-minute You Tube video]  
  June 8, 2009 Pope Benedict: "Walls don't last forever"  
  June 8, 2009 Israel rejects a Vatican request to grant to Jerusalem Palestinian couple residency in the city  
  June 8, 2009 "It's Time for Peace" -- liturgy from Ireland that includes testimonies of young Isaelis and Palestinians [PDF]  
  June 7, 2009 Tikkun: Responses to Obama's Cairo Speech  
  June 7, 2009 It's All About the Children  
  June 6, 2009 Ecumenical letter to President Obama [PDF]  
  June 6, 2009 Transcript of President Obama's speech in Cairo  
  June 5, 2009 Catholic Relief Services: After Trauma, Iraqi Refugees Look for Healing  
  June 3, 2009 Chrisitans support bold action for Middle East peace  
  June 1, 2009 Sabeel's Nora Carmi Delivers Christian Message to Pope Benedict XVI  
  June 1, 2009 Tutu Calls for Urgent Solution to Israel-Palestine Conflict  
  June 1, 2009 CMEP Bulletin:   Settlements, House Letter, National Geographic on Palestinian Christians, and more  
  June 1, 2009 Israeli proposal: Make Jordan the official Palestinian homeland  



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13 Oct 2009