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  We seek to keep you literally "updated" on movement in terms of truth and justice in the Middle East in general with a particular eye on Palestine.  The links below will take you to various articles and websites that offer the perspective of leaders in the religious, NGO, and human rights communities. Additionally, Al-Bushra, ever vigilant, provides links to regular reporting as well as opinion pieces by journalists. The dates given here indicate when the link was posted; the most recent posting is at the top. Check the article itself for the date of publication.  

Last update: 13 October 2009 20:15:48 -0700

  July 31, 2009 Mail & Guardian: Obama to award Tutu medal of freedom  
  July 31, 2009 Asharq Alawsat:  Saudi Arabia: No Israel Recognition without Withdrawal  
  July 30, 2009 Mondoweiss: Settlements have turned us into ‘the loathsome scum among nations,’ prophetic Peace Now poster cries by Philip Weiss  
  July 30, 2009 YNET: Peace Now notice being posted in Jerusalem reads "Occupation will destroy Third Temple"  
  July 30, 2009 ICAHD-USA: Tema Okun & Tom Stern presented NC Peace Action’s Peacemaker Award for work with ICAHD-USA  [ICAHD=Israelie Committee Against House Demolitions]  
  July 30, 2009 Mondoweiss: Tema Okun on "A Jewish State--or Jewish Values?" by Adam Horowitz  
  July 30, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace Action Alert: Media Report on Response of Christian Leaders to Obama's Speech    Click here for original press release  
  July 30, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace Action Alert: Tell Your Senators NOT to Sign the Bayh-Risch Letter  
  July 29, 2009 AlJazeera: Israeli tanks, bulldozers roll into Gaza  
  July 28, 2009 Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information: Ending the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict  
  July 28, 2009 The Elders:The Elders announce visit to the Middle East  
  July 28, 2009 Christian Peacemaking Team: At-Tuwani Urgent Action: Demand that Quartet pressure Israeli Occupying Forces to revoke demolition order for electricity pylons  
  July 28, 2009 BBC: US-Israeli talks make 'progress'  
  July 28, 2009 A Pilgrim's Tales - Commentary by Janice Miller  
  July 28, 2009 Stand Up for Jerusalem: Ethnic Cleansing in Jerusalem, Israeli Style  
  July 28, 2009 Stand Up for Jerusalem: There was an old woman who lived in a tent  
  July 28, 2009 Sign the Petition in solidarity with families of Sheikh Jarrah  
  July 28, 2009 MIFTAH editorial: Obama's Chance to Make a Difference  
  July 28, 2009 Foundation for Middle East Peace: Gambling with peace: how US bingo dollars are funding Israeli settlements  
  July 28, 2009 Foundation for Middle East Peace: "The Blue Velvet Hills of My Youth Have Been Destroyed" by Raja Shehadeh  
  July 28, 2009 Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center: Summer 2009  
  July 28, 2009 KABOBfest: No Humour, All Hate: Racist Cartoons in the Middle East by Sana  
  July 27, 2009 A Texas Lutheran's Voice for Middle East Peace: The reality of Israel's 'open' Jerusalem: Ghettoes, demolitions and housing shortages  
  July 27, 2009 Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center: 2009 Newsletter  
  July 27, 2009 Jewish Daily: Israelis free to buy property anywhere in Jerusalem  
  July 27, 2009 Economist Debate: This house believes that Barack Obama's America is an honest broker between Israel and the Arabs  
  July 27, 2009 International Crisis Group: Israel's Religious Right and the Question of Settlements  
  July 27, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace: Letter to Secretary of State Clinton on violence against Iraqi Christians  
  July 27, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace: Quarterly Newsletter, July 2009  
  July 26, 2009 BBC: US urges Syria on Mid-East peace  
  July 26, 2009 Gaza blockade: “We are captive and slowly suffocating” by Steve Weaver, ACT/Church World Service  
  July 26, 2009 Hebron's Trail of Tears by By Jennifer Urgilez for MIFTAH  
  July 26, 2009 Jewish Film Festival: Dissent regarding the film Rachel, about Rachel Corrie  
  July 26, 2009 Reuters: U.N. agency denies boss fled Gaza death threat  
  July 25, 2009 Patriarch to Visit London, Tell of Mideast Plight  
  July 25, 2009 Turkey’s Jews Reach out to Muslims  
  July 25, 2009 Algeria recognizes first official Jewish representation  
  July 25, 2009 Morocco challenges Mid-east Holocaust mind-set  
  July 25, 2009 Veteran Iraqi human rights campaigner and writer Dr. Kazem Habib equates Holocaust denial with "hatred of Jews"  
  July 25, 2009 Jordanian writer and journalist Fakhri Saleh argues that Holocaust denial is a smear on the reputation of Arabs and Palestinians  
  July 25, 2009 Ashkelon speaks: The story of the Middle East conflict by Dan Liebermann  
  July 24, 2009 Episcopal Life Online: Global crises get convention's attention  [note: opposition to Separation Wall]   See also past resolutions: Middle East Regional Diplomacy and Israeli-Palestinian Relations  and Israeli-Palestinian Relations  
  July 24, 2009 J Street: Driving change, securing peace  
  July 24, 2009 The Jewish Week: More J Street Craziness  
  July 24, 2009 JTA: J Street conference demonstrates increased coordination on left  
  July 23, 2009 Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD, a Bedouin in Cyberspace: Gaza and Jerusalem actions  
  July 23, 2009 Jonathan Cook: Wiping Arabic names off the map  
  July 22, 2009 United Methodist Women: A Quick and Snarky Guide to Food Security in Palestine by David Hosey  
  July 22, 2009 Episcopal Life Online: Bishops reject resolution on Israel/Palestine, call for more balanced approach  
  July 22, 2009 Israeli National News:250 Rabbis Sign Letter to Obama: Hands off Jerusalem  
  July 21, 2009 Naomi Klein: ‘Israeli culture is being co-opted by the state. To do nothing is to be complicit’  
  July 21, 2009 Norman Finkelstein speaks with Julia Riber Pitt of CSUN, and Charngchi Way Brooklyn, NY, 6/13/2009 [9-minute video]  
  July 21, 2009 Viva Palestina: Update on Convoy to Gaza  
  July 21, 2009 Christian Peacemakers: Video [four minutes]: Israeli Military Delivers Stop Work Orders; Palestinians Protest Nonviolently   [click here for still photos]  
  July 20, 2009 Intervention of H.E. Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi at the Humanitarian Affairs Segment of the U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), delivered today 20 July 2009 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva  
  July 20, 2009 Alan Sabrosky: Obama and Palestine: Standing for Something, Falling for Anything?  
  July 19, 2009 Palestinian Christians: Refusal at the Egyptian Border to let British citizens leave Gaza  
  July 19, 2009 Israel and EU Clash Over Settlements  
  July 19, 2009 Breaking the Slience: A new booklet of 54 testimonies of Israeli soldiers  
  July 19, 2009 Breaking the Slience: Israeli soldiers criticise tactics in Gaza war - 15 Jul 09 [3-minute video]  
  July 18, 2009 Palestinian newspaper: No agreement between US, Israel on settlements  
  July 18, 2009 The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat  
  July 18, 2009 Eileen Fleming:Vanunu vs. the Unjust Justice System of Israel  
  July 18, 2009 Friends [Quakers] in Ramallah: June-July Newsletter  
  July 18, 2009 Mayor of Jewish Town Sends Letter of Support to President for Mideast Peace Effort  
  July 18, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: 17 July 2009 New Palestinian House and Olive Tree Destroyed in the Night  
  July 17, 2009 Rabbi Michael Lerner: Fasting to protest Israel's blockade of Gaza + Breaking the Silence  
  July 17, 2009 White House responds to letter from Christian leaders  [For easy reference, here is the Letter from Christian leaders]  
  July 16, 2009 Minister of Prisoners: Christian families in Holy Land pay heavy price defending the people  
  July 16, 2009 YMCA Joint Advocacy Initiative: East Jerusalem YMCA staff arrested  
  July 16, 2009 We Are Wide Awake: Photos  
  July 15, 2009 Prelate: Iraqi Attacks Political, Not Religious  
  July 14, 2009 McClatchy: Israeli combat soldiers have acknowledged that they forced Palestinian civilians to serve as human shields  
  July 14, 2009 Book Review: The Crisis of Islamic Civilization by Ali A. Allawi  
  July 14, 2009 J Street: At Obama's Table  
  July 13, 2009 Zenit: Pontiff Deplores More Church Bombings in Iraq  
  July 13, 2009 Open Doors in the Christian Post: Helping Mend Shattered Lives in the Middle East  
  July 13, 2009 Obama meeting will include broad swath of Jewish leaders  
  July 12, 2009 Rabbi Michael Lerner: Obama and Israel  
  July 12, 2009 Viva Palestina: Update on the convoy to Gaza  
  July 12, 2009 Desert Peace: Illegal checkpoints in Palestine now operated by private companies  
  July 13, 2009 Roy Tov: Lincoln and the Palestinians  
  July 12, 2009 First Pastoral Letter of Patriarch Fouad Twal  
  July 11, 2009 If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED! [3-minute video]  
  July 11, 2009 Journalist Receives Death Threat for Talking About Israel [2-minute video]  
  July 11, 2009 UN: Israel must tear down West Bank barrier  
  July 10, 2009 Holy See to UN on Global Trends and Development: "The Global Economic Crisis Continues Unabated"  
  July 9, 2009 J Street: Stopping Settlements = "Ethnic Cleansing"? No Way.  [sign petition]  
  July 9, 2009 Middle East Bulletin: Interview with Col. (Ret.) Shaul Arieli, former commander of the northern brigade in the Gaza Strip; board member, Israel’s Council for Peace and Security  
  July 9, 2009 Los Angeles Times: A Guide to Israeli Settlements  
  July 9, 2009 Israeli Center for Human Rights: Land Appropriation and Settlements  
  July 9, 2009 Americans for Peace Now: Settlements in Focus  
  July 9, 2009 Christian Scripture: The Zionist Deception  
  July 9, 2009 Speech of Patriarch Fouad to the Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches  
  July 9, 2009 Christian Science Monitor: Israeli limits stymie Gaza rebuilding  
  July 9, 2009 ABC's Middle East correspondent feels mob's hate in the Holy City  
  July 8, 2009 Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: Gaza Frustrated Over Israeli Embargo  
  July 8, 2009 Orthodox News: Upper Nazareth to build orthodox neighborhood on former Arab land to counter number of Arabs  
  July 8, 2009 Foundation for Individual Rights in Education:  UC Santa Barbara Ends Investigation of Professor for E-mail  
  July 6, 2009 We Hold These Truths: Israel’s Death Culture Is a Dragging Anchor  
  July 6, 2009 Orthodox Jews protest against Zionism  
  July 6, 2009 We Hold These Truths: Christian Zionists Snap at the Heels of A Man From Galilee  
  July 6, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: An exercise in Orwellian style ‘doublespeak’ by Jan Benvie  
  July 4, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: An exercise in Orwellian style ‘doublespeak’ by Jan Benvie  
  July 4, 2009 Why Jerusalem? - Israel's Hidden Agenda  
  July 4, 2009 Israel keeps ex-congresswoman McKinney in custody  
  July 4, 2009 Opinion: Land Divine? by John Piper  
  July 4, 2009 Al-Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding: Netanyahu and Jordan by Mazin Qumsiyeh  
  July 4, 2009 Human Rights: Finding Tony's House in Jerusalem by Deema Dabis  
  July 3, 2009 Jewish Voice for Peace: Save the Spirit of Humanity  
  July 3, 2009 Anti-Americanism in Israel  
  July 3, 2009 MasterCard and the Extremist Settlers of Silwan  
  July 3, 2009 Institute for Historical Review: What Christians Don’t Know About Israel by Grace Haskell  
  July 3, 2009 Amnesty International: Impunity for war crimes in Gaza and southern Israel a recipe for further civilian suffering  
  July 3, 2009 Those who oppress millions of Palestinians...  
  July 3, 2009 Stop the blockade on Gaza - demonstration in Herzeliya  
  July 3, 2009 Foundation for Middle East Peace DVD:   New Hope For Peace: What America Must Do To End the Israel-Palestine Conflict    
  July 3, 2009 Episcopal Life: Churches hear of fear, anxiety and hope for Middle East peace  
  July 3, 2009 Prayers for Peacemakers  
  July 3, 2009 Dumbarton [Scotland] churches are making a difference in the Holy Land  
  July 3, 2009 President Carter Meets with Jerusalem Church Leaders and is deeply touched by their Commitment to Peace, Reconciliation and Interfaith Harmony  



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