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  We seek to keep you literally "updated" on movement in terms of truth and justice in the Middle East in general with a particular eye on Palestine.  The links below will take you to various articles and websites that offer the perspective of leaders in the religious, NGO, and human rights communities. Additionally, Al-Bushra, ever vigilant, provides links to regular reporting as well as opinion pieces by journalists. The dates given here indicate when the link was posted; the most recent posting is at the top. Check the article itself for the date of publication.  

Last update: 13 October 2009 20:14:38 -0700

  August 31, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team in Hebron: Reflection on Khalil Ramadan 2009 by Paulette Schroeder  
  August 31, 2009 Bishop Dawani makes pastoral visit to Gaza with Archbishop Hiltz of Canada  
  August 31, 2009 The Canadian Charger: Is it anti-semitic to defend Palestinian human rights?  
  August 31, 2009 Christians for Fair Witness Praises Episcopal Church for Refusing to Take Unbalanced Stand on Israel/Palestine  
  August 31, 2009 Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East Praises the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Churchwide Assembly Action on Israel/Palestine  
  August 31, 2009 Haaretz: ANALYSIS / Israeli academics must pay price to end occupation by Anat Matar  
  August 31, 2009 Muzzle Watch: The words of condemnation against Ben Gurion University’s President, Prof. Rivka Carmi, for her incendiary attack against Dr. Neve Gordon continue to pour in.  
  August 31, 2009 Jewish Voice for Peace: Defend academic freedom. Defend the right to talk about boycott, divestment, and sanctions.  
  August 30, 2009 Zenit: Israel-Holy See Negotiations Advance  
  August 30, 2009 Political Theatrics: Israeli Nuclear Weapons & Western Hypocrisy  
  August 30, 2009 The Jerusalem Post: senior Israeli diplomatic officials are accusing the International Atomic Energy Agency of "hiding critical information on Iran's nuclear progress"  
  August 30, 2009 BBC: Israeli jets bomb Gaza 'tunnel'  
  August 30, 2009 Foreign Policy Journal: Fighting for the Right to Walk by Ramsey Baroud  
  August 30, 2009 Jewish Peace News: John Greyson Withdraws from Toronto's Film Fest over "Brand Israel" [entry of August 30, 2009]  
  August 30, 2009 Ma'an News Agency: Orthodox Church: No Israeli settlements on our land  
  August 30, 2009 Haaretz: Sweden: Not party to envoy's censure of IDF organ harvesting article  
  August 30, 2009 The Israel National News: Prof. Hiss receives only a reprimand for his involvement in the unauthorized removal of parts from 125 bodies [2005]  
  August 30, 2009 The Electronic Intifada: Baseless organ theft accusations will not bring Israel to justice by Matthew Cassel  
  August 30, 2009 Peace Team, Lorin Peters: Someone has just been shot  
  August 30, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: It's not too late to save Israel from destruction  
  August 30, 2009 United Nations: Declaration of Human Rights  
  August 30, 2009 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: An Updated List of Vetoes Cast by the United States to Shield Israel from Criticism by the U.N. Security Council by Donald Neff  
  August 30, 2009 Walled Horizons - Narrated by Roger Waters (Pink Floyd founding member) Part 1       Part 2  
  August 30, 2009 Miftah: Ashrawi First Woman in PLO Executive Committee [August 23 – August 29]  
  August 29, 2009 Zenit: The Pope, Obama, and the Mideast  
  August 29, 2009 Uri Avnery: Tutu's Prayer  
  August 29, 2009 Jewish Voice for Peace: The Nakba: May 15, 1948  
  August 29, 2009 Palestinian Chronicle: Israel Delays Press Credentials for Sweden Team  
  August 29, 2009 Palestinian Chronicle: Jews 'Don't Like Israel Like Evangelicals Do' according to Mike Huckabee '  
  August 29, 2009 The Guardian: Quiet slicing of the West Bank makes abstract prayers for peace obscene by Slavoj Zizek, international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities  
  August 29, 2009 The Guardian: A settler's story by Rory McCarthy  
  August 29, 2009 Palestine Telegraph: Why it is Apartheid in Israel Palestine  by Eileen Fleming  
  August 29, 2009 Jewish Voice for Peace: Sydney Levy writes about academic freedom  
  August 29, 2009 We Are Wide Awake: Rainbows and Recollections by Eileen Fleming  
  August 29, 2009 Al-Aharam Weekly: Religious fundamentalism in Israel by Stephen Lendman, a research associate of the Centre for Research on Globalisation.  
  August 29, 2009 The Globe and Mail: Israel targets Palestinian-Canadians  
  August 29, 2009 Maria Khoury, Ed.D.: Oktoberfest in Taybeh  
  August 28, 2009 If Americans Knew: Donald Bostrom Swedish Journalist on Israeli organ harvesting [4-minute video]  
  August 28, 2009 If Americans Knew: Israeli Organ Harvesting by Alison Weir  
  August 28, 2009 Jonathan Cook: Army’s West Bank Tactics Imported to Negev  
  August 28, 2009 Wall Writings: Is Tom Friedman a "Positive Voice" for Peace? You Decide by James M. Wall  
  August 28, 2009 Wall Writings: MLK: “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”; Time to Embrace BDS by James M Wall  
  August 28, 2009 Zenit: Tony Blair affirms,  " would be a great sign of reconciliation and hope if the Holy Land were a place for reconciliation and peace."  
  August 28, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: Comments and Comic Relief  
  August 28, 2009 Anti War: US Won’t Press Israel on Settlements  
  August 28, 2009 The Elders: The Elders hear first hand about life in Gaza, Bil'in and East Jerusalem [3-minute video]  
  August 28, 2009 Friends of Freedom and Justice: Bil'in demo heavily tear gased 28.08.2009  
  August 28, 2009 Christians for Middle East Peace:  Settlement  Activity Ongoing Despite Israeli Claims  
  August 28, 2009 Christians for Middle East Peace:  State Department Responds to CMEP Letter on Iraqi Christians  
  August 28, 2009 Free Gaza: We made it to Gaza [6-minute video]  
  August 27, 2009 J Street: Tell Obama and Mitchell: Hit the Gas on a Two-State Solution  
  August 27, 2009 Jimmy Carter: Carter urges halt to Israeli settlement building - 27 Aug 09  
  August 27, 2009 Note on settlement construction from an American observer  
  August 27, 2009 United Methodist Church Missionary: Message from Israel/Palestine  
  August 26, 2009 Criminal States: How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare by Jeff Gates      
  August 26, 2009 BBC: Dilemma of Palestinian Settlement Builders by Heather Sharp  
  August 26, 2009 The Palestinian Information Center: 400 Gazan patients facing death due to shortage in dialysis solution  
  August 26, 2009 The Elders: Who are they? What is their story?  
  August 26, 2009 The Elders: Live from Jerusalem on August 28  
  August 26, 2009 Christian Peacemakers: AT-TUWANI UPDATE: Reflection by Samuel Nichols  
  August 26, 2009 Caritas: Youth volunteers learn importance of helping rural communities  
  August 26, 2009 Jerusalem Post: The 'Elders' meet young Israeli leaders in Jerusalem  
  August 26, 2009 The Elders: International Elders to meet Israelis and Palestinians by Ron Friedman  
  August 26, 2009 Christian Science Monitor: The 'Elders' arrive in Israel to boost Mideast peace; The respected delegation, headed by former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, irked Israel by initially planning to meet Hamas in Gaza. That trip has been delayed.   
  August 25, 2009 Ann Hafften, Texas Lutheran: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:  “Peace Not Walls: Stand for Justice in the Holy Land” was adopted as amended  
  August 25, 2009 World Council of Churches: WCC supports United Church of Canada's Israel-Palestine advocacy  
  August 25, 2009 World Council of Churches: There's value in diversity, say young people from three faiths  
  August 25, 2009 BBC: Brown optimistic on Middle East  
  August 25, 2009 The Real News Network: Israelis Restrict Palestinians' Water Supply, reported by LifeSource Project  
  August 25, 2009 Free Gaza: We will return. We will come back We will never forget.  
  August 25, 2009 After Downing Street: Could U.S. Officials Please Treat a Nobel Peace Laureate with Respect? by Ann Wright, former US diplomat  
  August 25, 2009 Free Gaza: Free Gaza Movement Arrives in Veracruz, Mexico by Bill Diest  
  August 24, 2009 Christians for Middle East Peace:   Tell Congressmen Hoyer & Cantor: Stop Undermining the President's Peace Efforts  
  August 24, 2009 Reuters: Netanyahu sees talks with Palestinians in 2 months  
  August 24, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: An Open Letter to Senators Boxer and Feinstein  
  August 23, 2009 Gush-Shalom: The Bogie Horror Show by Uri Avernry  
  August 23, 2009 The National: The battle for the mosque at Beersheva by Jonathan Cook  
  August 23, 2009 Tikun Olam: Israeli Peace Activist’s Head Slammed into IDF Jeep During Anti-Wall Demonstration  
  August 23, 2009 Tali Shapiro: Media Mis-focus - Perpetuating the Zionist Narrative, for Better or Worse  
  August 23, 2009 Tali Shapiro: Sleeping with the Enemy - Zionism and Nazism and Other Kinky Collaborations  
  August 23, 2009 Eileen Fleming, We Are Wide Awake: The "Big Get" Don Hewitt and "60 Minutes" Didn't Get  
  August 23, 2009 60 Minutes: Is Peace Out Of Reach?  
  August 23, 2009 MIFTAH: Settlements: An Obstacle to Peace  
  August 23, 2009 Wall Street Journal: Israel Still Strangles the Palestinian Economy by Sam Bahour  
  August 23, 2009 Wall Street Journal: West Bank Success Story by Michael B. Oren  
  August 22, 2009 Patriarche Fouad Twal: Homélie pour la fête de l'Assomption de la B.V.Marie  
  August 22, 2009 Palestinian Oktoberfest in the West Bank  
  August 22, 2009 President Obama Gives Ramadan Message [5-minute video]  
  August 22, 2009 MIFTAH: Ramadan Begins with US Pledge to Support Peace [August 16 – August 22]  
  August 22, 2009 BBC: US President Barack Obama said he wanted to build a new partnership between the US and Muslims around the world  
  August 21, 2009 Photo essay forwarded by Maria Khoury, Ed.D.: Palestinians Face Extermination...  
  August 21, 2009 Los Angeles Times: Boycott Israel. An Israeli comes to the painful conclusion that it's the only way to save his country.  
  August 21, 2009 The Electronic Intifada: Can we talk? The Middle East "peace industry"   by Faris Giacaman  
  August 19, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: The New Evolutionary Movement  
  August 19, 2009 The National: Israeli anthem kits in Arab schools by Jonathan Cook  
  August 19, 2009 The National: Israel targets human rights groups by Jonathan Cook  
  August 19, 2009 The National: New Israeli rules curb travel from West Bank by Jonathan Cook  
  August 19, 2009 The National: Israel sells off refugees’ hopes by Jonathan Cook  
  August 19, 2009 The National: Jewish mother sued for ‘racist incitement‘ against Arab child by Jonathan Cook  
  August 19, 2009 BBC: New Israeli settlements 'on hold'  
  August 18, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: A Lesson from Israel's History  
  August 18, 2009 BBC: Hilltop Youth push to settle West Bank  
  August 18, 2009 End the Occupation: What I learned on my summer vacation by Katherine M. Fuchs  
  August 18, 2009 BBC: Mubarak makes White House return  
  August 18, 2009 BBC: Israeli wins Fatah top body seat  
  August 18, 2009 Peace Team: A Different Welcome by Lorin Peters  
  August 18, 2009 Obama Smear Busters: Case for Israel author defends Obama on settlements  
  August 18, 2009 Obama Smear Busters: Author Elie Wiesel supports Obama  
  August 18, 2009 Obama Smear Busters: Israeli leader: Palestinian state in Israel’s interests  
  August 18, 2009 Obama Smear Busters: Removing West Bank Israeli settlements is ethnic cleansing? Nonsense.  
  August 18, 2009 Obama Smear Busters: Obama resettling Hamas members in America? That’s crazy.  
  August 18, 2009 Obama Smear Busters: Birther leader claims Obama is “clear and present danger to Israel?” Ridiculous.  
  August 18, 2009 Obama Smear Busters: Obama threw Israel under the bus in Cairo speech? Nope.  
  August 17, 2009 New York Times: Mubarak to Tell U.S. Israel Must Make Overture  by Michael Slackman  
  August 17, 2009 Activism News: Boycott movement takes hold in British unions  by Asa Winstanley, The Electronic Intifada  
  August 17, 2009 Agence Global: A Pro-Israel Panic by Rami G. Khouri  
  August 17, 2009 MIFTAH: Fateh's Biggest Challenge by Jonathan Baker  
  August 17, 2009 Christian Peacemakers: AT-TUWANI UPDATE: JULY 2009  
  August 16, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: An Open Letter to Abu Mazen  
  August 16, 2009 MIFTAH: Gaza Unrest Takes Palestinians by Surprise [August 9 – August 15]  
  August 15, 2009 The Rev. Roy Hayes, Episcopal: An Open Letter to Mark Regev  
  August 15, 2009 Maria Khoury, Ed.D.: No Water in the Village  
  August 15, 2009 B'na Bbrith Canada: United Church of Canada Resolutions Insult to Grassroots Canadian Jews  
  August 15, 2009 Reuters: UN chief slams Israel over Gaza  
  August 15, 2009 Free Gaza Movement: Is Israel Guilty of Piracy? [eight-minute video]  
  August 14, 2009 United Church of Canada: Final Resolution on Middle East passed by 2009 General Council  
  August 14, 2009 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: ELCA Presiding Bishop, Other Leaders Criticize Palestinian Evictions  
  August 14, 2009 Eva Barlett, The Electronic Intifada: Prosthetics unavailable for Gaza amputees   
  August 14, 2009 United Nations, IRIN: OPT: Rubble removal uncovers potential health hazards  
  August 14, 2009 Report, The Electronic Intifada: Cleaning up explosives in Gaza   
  August 14, 2009 Jon Elmer, The Electronic Intifada: Prison strengthens Palestinian women   
  August 14, 2009 Louis Frankenthaler, The Electronic Intifada: "Breaking the Silence" or silencing the critics?   
  August 14, 2009 Logos: Gaza On My Mind: Old Hopes, Mistaken Assumptions, and New Ideas on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Stephen Eric Bronner  
  August 14, 2009 Logos: Unjust and Illegal: The Israeli Attack on Gaza by Stephan R. Shalom  
  August 14, 2009 Logos: Gaza 2009-Hit by an Iron Wall by Lawrence Davidson  
  August 13, 2009 New York Times: United States ambassador sees new role for U.N.  
  August 13, 2009 United Church of Canada: Council says no national economic boycott of Israel but encourages all levels of the church to study ways to end the occupation of the disputed Palestinian territories [video 2 minutes, 34 seconds]  
  August 13, 2009 Associated Press: January 5 photo showing Bedouin family carrying  white flags in Gaza  
  August 13, 2009 Human Rights Watch: White Flags Death: Kliling of Palestinian Civilians during Operation Cast Lead [PDF Report]  
  August 13, 2009 World Council of Churches supports United Church of Canada's Israel-Palestine advocacy  
  August 12, 2009 Jewish Voice for Peace: Free Ezra Nawi Campaign  
  August 12, 2009 San Francisco Bay Area Community News by Abu Samra  
  August 12, 2009 Al-Bushra Call to Action: Convention of Jordanian Emigrants May 7-9, 2010  
  August 11, 2009 The Jewish Week: J Street Having Capitol Hill Impact? NORPAC says ‘yes’  
  August 11, 2009 Capital J: Bayh-Risch letter tops 70 (but more than half of Jewish senators don’t sign)  
  August 11, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace:  Letter to Secretary of State Clinton regarding demolitions  
  August 11, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace:  Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Heads of Denomination          
  August 11, 2009 Foundation for Middle East Peace: New Hope for Peace: What America Must Do to End the Israel-Palestine Conflict [21-minute video produced and presented by Landrum Bolling]  
  August 10, 2009 Evicted Palestinians sleep on the streets outside their homes in East Jerusalem [3-minute video]  
  August 10, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: Israeli soldier assaults Palestinian boy  
  August 9, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: Israeli Settlers Plant Trees on Palestinian Land  
  August 9, 2009 Telling Films: Jailing Opinions [DVD], produced by human rights campaigner Lady Michèle Renouf  
  August 9, 2009 Oxfam International: Five Years of Illegality: It's time to dismantle the Wall and respect the rights of Palestinians [PDF]  
  August 8, 2009 Reuters Video: US [Republican]  lawmakers hit Obama on settlements  
  August 8, 2009 Associated Press: Israel recalls Boston envoy over critical memo  
  August 8, 2009 Over 200 march against Israeli apartheid at Toronto Pride  
  August 8, 2009 Fatah to reject Israel as Jewish state at congress: document  
  August 8, 2009 Professor Gary M. Burge of Wheaton College: A third uprising? [eyewitness report]  
  August 8, 2009 Haaretz: Pro-Israel groups slam former Irish president for accusing Jews of bullying  
  August 8, 2009 Defence for Children International: Alternative Report  
  August 8, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: Israeil Settlers Prevent the Team from Meeting  
  August 7, 2009 Independent Jewish Voices Canada: Entertaining Apartheid Israel Deserves No Amnesty!  
  August 7, 2009 Independent Jewish Voices Canada: United for freedom and universal justice  
  August 7, 2009 US, EU blast Israel over Jerusalem evictions  
  August 7, 2009 Response of the Rev. Dr. Hanns G. Skoutajan to the Ottawa Citizen  
  August 7, 2009 Ottawa Citizen Editorial: Pray for the United Church  
  August 7, 2009 National Post: United Church's Israel proposal worries Jewish groups  
  August 7, 2009 Canadian Jewish News: Israel boycott on United Church meeting agenda  
  August 7, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: July Report  
  August 6, 2009 Peacemaking Team: Letter from Lorin Peters  
  August 6, 2009 The Reverend Roy Hayes, Episcopal: An Open Letter to Uri Avnery  
  August 6, 2009 Jerusalem Post: Cantor tells Republicans: US too focused on settlements  
  August 6, 2009 Global Arab Network: Obama wants peace, but will Congress pressure Israel? by Dr Ghassan Rubeiz [former Middle East Secretary of the Geneva-based World Council of Churches]  
  August 6, 2009 US Summons Israeli Envoy to Protest East Jerusalem Evictions  
  August 6, 2009 AIPAC slams Obama for honoring 'anti-Israel' ex-Irish president [who is one of the 'Elders' traveling to the Middle East]  
  August 5, 2009 Christian Peacemaker Team: Israeli military blocks road, access to health services, water...  
  August 5, 2009 Maria Khoury, Ed.D.: Holy Days Turning into Fury  
  August 5, 2009 The Times: Barack Obama is close to revealing plan for Middle East peace  
  August 5, 2009 Churches for Middle East Peace: Tell Your Senators NOT to Sign the Bayh-Risch Letter  
  August 4, 2009 Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal: Homélie pour la fête de Saint Ignace  [in French: Homily for the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, July 31st]  
  August 4, 2009 Middle East Progress at the Center for American Progress: What are Russia’s main interests in the Middle East and the Gulf Region? by Eugene Rumer  
  August 4, 2009 United Nations: Gaza swimming in sewage  
  August 4, 2009 United Nations: UNICEF concerned about education in Gaza  
  August 4, 2009 Haaretz: Israel to allow cement, metal pipes into Gaza  
  August 4, 2009 Reuters: Gaza war rubble will take a year to clear - UN  
  August 4, 2009 BBC: Guide: Gaza under blockade  
  August 4, 2009 Gov't of Israel: Improving Palestinian quality of life - Update, 02 Aug 2009  
  August 4, 2009 Comments by an Episcopalian and a Methodist on Pastor Hagee's tenuous position  
  August 4, 2009 Reuters: Israel's Barak says U.S. to present peace plan soon  
  August 3, 2009 J Street: Tell your Senators to support President Obama's balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict  
  August 3, 2009 Video: Israel Evicts Two Palestinian Families  
  August 3, 2009 Letter from Samia Khoury of East Jerusalem  &  Press Release  
  August 3, 2009 BBC News: Israel condemned over evictions  
  August 3, 2009 USA Today: Move the UN to Jerusalem by  Llewellyn D. Howell  
  August 3, 2009 Wall Writings: Bibi Told Mossad, “Kill Khalidi”; Now Khalidi is Key to Israel’s Future by James M. Wall  
  August 3, 2009 Bitter Lemons: East Jerusalem is crucial to two-state solution  by Ghassan Khatib  
  August 2, 2009 Wall Street Journal: Hamas Chief Outlines Terms for Talks on Arab-Israeli Peace  
  August 2, 2009 Homily of Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal to young French pilgrims [in French]  
  August 2, 2009 America Free Press: Patriots Protest ‘Rev.’ John Hagee by Willis A. Carto  
  August 2, 2009 Opinion in the New York Times: Why Won’t Obama Talk to Israel?  
  August 2, 2009 UN officials report: Gaza kids 'hit kite-flying record'  
  August 2, 2009 The Elders:The Elders announce visit to the Middle East  



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