What Future Is Waiting for Us in the Middle East?

by Father Labib Kobti

6 August 2006

Dear Father: (to a friend priest of the West who asked me what future is waiting the Middle Eastern Christians)
I have no words how to thank you, dear father, in trying to help to educate your emailing list of the Christians of the WEST.
I am getting very crazy with what is happening in the Middle East. This is the first time that I feel that everything is going from worse to worst.
Believe me that a real "New Middle East" will be born; a MIDDLE EAST with no hopes, no future, no peace for everybody and,  more with no real future to the Middle Eastern Christians.
 They will be obliged to leave sooner than later Palestine and Lebanon, as they do in Iraq now... I know that for fact, as I am serving in San Francisco and the Bay Area one of the largest Arab-American Catholic Community. They had all left because of what have happened in the Middle East in these past few decades.
Dear Father:
People read about the so called US Crusade (mentioned in many Arab news, papers, radios and TVs, Internet and websites...). The US with the Christian Fundamentalists, supported by some if not many European countries are silencing the UN, the NGOs, the Human rights advocators over the atrocities committed, here and there, by the god that speaks to only one people, his people: "...Lay siege to the city. and when the Lord, your God, delivers it into your hand, put every male in it to the sword..." Deut. 20: 13 " Then the Lord said to me, now that I have already begun to hand over to you Sihon and his land...At that time we seized all his cities and doomed them all, with their men, women and children; we left no survivor..."   Deut 6: 31-34.  In Joshua 6: 20  we read: "As the horns blew...they observed the ban by putting to the sword all living creatures in the city: men and women, young and old, as well as oxen, sheep and asses" .You may read also many other places in the Hebrew Bible.
 These Christian Fundamentalists are preaching every where this god of Israel, quoting these verses and calling him the real god who want the killing everybody the enemy of god. These Christians know nothing about a God who called to love even your enemy.
It is then the war between different gods: the Jewish god (supported and preached by the Neo-cons and the Christian fundamentalists calling to destroy the GOIIM (non-Jews) in the name of love to only one people of his promise, the Jews; the Muslim god who also calls to revenge and destroy the infidel and the Christian one who cannot reveal himself because of the many atrocities!!  But will one day as history of the peoples tells us, but when!!
The Jewish and Muslim gods speak about tooth for tooth and eye for eye....War will continue then until these two gods will convert to the one real God who calls to love and only to love even your enemy..
In the past the innocent Christians of the Middle East ( Morocco, Turkey, Tunis, Iran, Libya... today Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq)  suffered because of the wars between these gods, and a big majority had emigrated to the US and Europe...
Today less than 1.8% of Christians live in Palestine and Israel, about 2% in Jordan, 33% in Lebanon, 000001%in Turkey, 0000001%in Iran, no Christians in Morocco, Libya, Tunis, Algeria.... When in the first centuries, Turkey and  North Africa were the third Holy Land after Jerusalem and Rome. In Fact the first fathers of the Church were from that blessed land.  St. Augustine, St. Monica and  three Popes were from Tunis, many Popes from Syria...in all 14 Popes from the today Arab Countries... And when the first missionaries, monarchism, Religious orders, Fathers of the Desert, first translations of the Bible, martyrs started in these same lands of Christianity. Many of these Middle Eastern Christians are the sons and daughters of these first Christians who worked for love and did not work for war or killing...
Christians of the Middle East are betrayed by the Christians of Europe and America, the Christians of the West. The Christians of the Middle East did commit the Holocaust of the Dear and innocent Jewish people, they did not fight or discriminate against Jews or Muslims.  They are not to be sacrificed because the Christians of the West who exercised discrimination and committed a lot of massacres against Jews and Muslims... And came to the Middle East under different names and pretexts but with one goal to colonize our lands.
This is just unfair.
These Middle Eastern Christians need to be helped and supported and understood by their fellow Christians in the world, and not sacrified.
 These Christians of the Middle East lived for centuries love and respect with the Middle Eastern Muslims and Jews. They shared with them, created, built, formed and protected their Arab nations.
They did not bring to themselves the atrocities...it was brought to them, when Europe wanted to create a Jewish State. Then things started to change. If we read the history before 1914, Jews, Christians and Muslims of the Middle East were brothers and sisters and were respected in every single country of the Middle East. Many Jews, like wise Christians and Muslims had important roles in government, science, medicine... They were working hand in hand.
It is when Zionism formed because of the atrocities of Europeans against Jews and when Zionism was exported to the Middle East that things started to change.
The Middle Eastern Jews, Christians and Muslims started to doubt each other and fear each other... The West had created a mess to these people, who could have lived respecting each other, sharing and loving, marring and dancing together. They could become a role model for the whole world of the West where discrimination and apartheid had created holocausts to many different people.
When everything will end, when the war between the gods will stop ... the only people who will suffer, are the Christians of the Middle East, as have happened in Iraq just this year and last year, (many churches were burned and destroyed...). This is actually what the wars of America in Iraq did to the Middle Eastern Christians... And continue to do...
They cannot harm the Christians of the West (The Christians of the West have nuclear arms, and weapons of mass destruction, they are super powers), so they will take it on the innocent Christians of the Middle East as have happened always in the past.
History is repeating itself and the Christians of the Middle East who have lived a lot of holocausts during the last centuries will be again the new victims of the "NEW STUPIDITY" of the "NEW MIDDLE EAST" wanted by the WEST.....
I join my prayers,  to yours dear Father, our prayers to the real God that I believe in. To God who called us to love; to God who preferred to send Christ to die for us; to God who never asked his disciples or believers to revenge the killing of Christ or the followers of his; to God who calls to forgive and pray even for the enemies. Mathew 5: 43-48
All who do not believe in this our God, or have done some wrong in the past or the present to a brother and sister in the world, in the name of this God, are not Christians and cannot belong to this same God. These people or religious leaders call to violence between other gods. I cannot believe in these gods. 



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07 Aug 2006


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