More on Lebanon from the Good Shepherd Sisters  (18 July 2006)


 Received from Sr. Clare Nolan:
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This first note is from the GS provincail in Leb/Syria:

Thank you ,dear Clare, for your prayer..Yes,our people is suffering..we
don't yet finish our calvary. !
The warplanes are striking the whole Lebanon without stopping... fires are everywhere .
We don't understand what is this blind politic sowing death in Middle East,and specially in Lebanon?!


this is from Hiam, written Friday, before the worst of the weekend bombings....

Dear Clare, (sorry for my english mistakes)

Thank you for your solidarity and your prayers for my country. The situation still very bad. Israel continues attacks and last night more bridges were destroyed; the main airport is destoyed and so many roads are closed....Lebanon is like isolated from all the region. Thousands of tourits left the country to Syria....Hundred of Lebanese families left their houses to other safer places, many of them are staying in schools with their children, waiting for food and help....all the projects are electricity in some places....people in other places are buying food, thinking of their kids ....

I'm in a region were Israel attacks a big bridge that units Beirut with Damascus. Hearing all the bombs is very scaring ; we're living the war again, and this is very sad. Very depressing to see and to live all this violence - so unfair ! we don't even understand why the USA didin't accept to support our people by asking Israel to stop this war againt civilians....why so many vicitms?! how come that the UN can't stop this war unjustifiable ?! ????? and so many questions that we're asking....

I met some parents who shared me their anxiety: they don't want their kids to live all what we had to live many years ago. One of our employees told me this morning that her daughter - 7 years- couldn't sleep all night, she thought that somebody is coming to kill her and her family- as she had watched on TV the night before.....etc, etc...very depressing also so see our sisters scared to live again the dark days of war.... two of our sisters had came from Syria to live the retreat with us in Hammana, they left in the morning to go back to their country, very scared to stay here, far from their families - very worried about them....the retreat is cancelled, as so many things in the country...

We all are praying that all this will stop...we're thinking of every family in Lebanon and all the region...Please keep us in your prayers !

Peace and peace !



Please consider contacting your Senators, State Dept. (Condy R.), and Pres Bush to appeal to put a stop to this horrible violence. USA pressure on Israel is the only thing that will restrain Israel.

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demands that we promote justice and peaceā€¦"

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