Good Shepherd Sisters (17 July 2006)


Subject: FW: [Fwd: Soldarity - Lebanon]
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 08:48:24 -0400

Received from Sr. Clare Nolan on Friday

Alison L. Prevost, Lobbyist
National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
504 Hexton Hill Rd.
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Ph: 301-622-6838
Fax: 301-384-1025

Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
an NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC, United Nations

"Our commitment to reconciliation
demands that we promote justice and peace?"

Dear Sisters,

Here is a brief note from GS in Lebanon, from Hiam Baroud who was an NGO
intern last year in New York.

"the situation in Lebanon is very bad. we couldn't sleep all night,
Israelit's bombings attacked all the region. people are very scared. many
places are
damaged, vicitims and wonded people....pray with us !"


As you know, US vetoed a UN resolution against Israeli aggression.
Please advocate with your Senators, the State Dept. and the President to
stop Israeli aggression and the killing of civilians.

Clare Nolan, NGO representative
Sisters of the Good Shepherd
211 East 43rd St., Room 302
New York, NY 10017

Ph/Fx: 212 599 2711

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05 Aug 2006


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