As Condi Returns to the Middle East
July 28, 2006
Just Imagine
by Fr. Labib Kobti


Just imagine one time, and try to be realistic and real democratic,
A "New Middle East" can be easily put together, if you were logic.
You cannot call for democracy inside and for the whole world,
And be undemocratic when at the UN you say your word.
Imagine if  the US Administrations had resolved a long time ago,
What was unjust, unfair, poor judgment, with no self interest and veto,
Imagine if The US Administration had worked for  justice and peace,
Imagine if peace was already established fairly enough in the Middle East
Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Iran  would be already friends at ease.
Hamas would not have existed, or thought be come to life,
All Palestino-Israeli fighters would have come together by,
The refugees would not have suffered, scattered and die
Lands would be shared, they would have build together,
Loved, married, danced, sang, enjoyed and did all to gather.
Imagine if just peace and fairness, you had spend your time for,
Years will remember our US peoples as world nations door.
You would have been loved not hated for what unjust exists now,
And terrorism would not come to scare our inland and shore.
Just imagine, no plans, no agendas should you look at,
Just work for fairness, don't close your eyes on what was bad,
Resistance to you and to your allies is the result of your cowards,
You are the "Raison d'etre" of the Mujahidine and Taliban, this is sad.
You made Hizbullah, the chaos in Iraq, in Iran, in Syria 
One Administration created monsters like Alqaida,
Another came to clean the former,
And in killing created another monster.
You cannot give Israel peace, when peace you do not have,
Just imagine, and be democratic and logic to what is right.
Your weapons, money, vetoes, media support did not stop the fight.
It did kill more Israelis, Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqi, what more?
Imagine if you just justice, truth and peace you worked only for.
Condi as you return to the Middle East,
Convert yourself anew, your God as mine,
Have never called us to kill and die.
A "New Middle East" will be born when you start to imagine,
And stop your Neo-con agendas, and stop those who call,
For only America, and forget the needs of the civilized word.
When you start to imagine, and start to think with logic,
When the roots of problems you resolve one for good,
And listen to what the international community strived for,
Then nations for sure will choose you "Miss World",
Just imagine.
(If you like to read a previous message on her first visit less than a week ago, go to:
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04 Aug 2006


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