Tradition and technology together in Palestinian clothing

Posted on Mar 1, 2019

Palestinian designer Nathalie Tahhan launched a groundbreaking project in fashion design, using digital technology. She came up with this idea after studying fashion in London and starting to direct her skills to further refine the characteristics of traditional Palestinian clothing. She gave them a modern touch to adapt them to the needs of local and foreign markets.

NATHALIE TAHHAN Fashion designer “I was studying at the University of London, specializing in women’s sewing. I wanted to embroider in a modern way. I started researching the origin of embroidery and learned that it is a means of expression. Every area, every village throughout Palestine is known for its typical features. Eventually I decided to concentrate on five regions: Gaza, Hebron, Jaffa, Jerusalem and Ramallah.”

The designer Nathalie carried out several research and study works, which characterise Palestinian clothing both in urban and rural areas, where the production of this work goes through several stages: from production and digital colouring to printing on the dress itself.

NATHALIE TAHHAN Fashion designer “One of the main characteristics of my work is the fact that I can introduce more colours into the fabric, because I use digital means which produce spectra of light”.

Through various designs, Nathalie contributes to the production of modern copies of original designs connected with Palestinian clothing. Her production is appreciated throughout the Arab world. Each piece is labeled with a significant: “Made in Jerusalem”.

It is worth pointing out that embroidery is a very ancient work, practiced over the previous centuries. It requires a lot of time and effort and is always an expression of a people’s cultural identity.