The young people of the Holy Land take part in the Franciscan March

Posted on Aug 4, 2018

Almost one hundred young people are taking part in the 28th Franciscan March in the Holy Land. The goal is to arrive at Mount Tabor, where the transfiguration of Jesus took place and, naturally, to have a strong experience with God.

Backpack on your back, sneakers on your feet and lots of enthusiasm! The twenty-eighth Franciscan March began, this year with the theme: “We walk enlightened by the Word”.

Almost 100 young people are taking part. The Franciscans and the sisters are leading the group. They all start from Ibilin, birthplace of Saint Miriam Baouardy. Then they pass through the cities of Galilee on their way to Mount Tabor!

Responsible for Youth Ministry in the Holy Land

“Today we gathered with young people from the West Bank, Jerusalem, Israel, Ramallah and many places in Galilee (…) we left today with all these young people whose hearts are filled with joy and peace. We carry with us the wonderful motto of this year, we will walk enlightened by the word.”

The Franciscan March is an opportunity to encounter ourselves, our neighbours and God!


“Hello, my name is Mariana Hayek, I am 23 years old, I come from Bethlehem and this is the first time I am taking part. I heard a lot about this march and I am here to get closer and closer to God.


My name is Ward Shufani, I’m 19 years old. I come from Ailabouni. This is the second time that I take part in the Franciscan March. I come to listen to the word of our Lord Jesus Christ and to live the silence, far from the excitement and the pressures of life.

Among the rules of these days, do not smoke, do not carry food and, perhaps the most difficult, do not use mobile phones!

And to further animate these young people, they will be accompanied on their walk by a special hymn. They have already started to try the choreography!


Composer of the hymn

“The hymn reflects the conflicts and difficulties young people experience nowadays and the obstacles they encounter on their way. When Jesus enters their lives, they hear His voice. Through this song, they will be able to express that Jesus is our way to heaven and that we will eventually enter heaven”.

Are you ready? Yes!