The Media and their role in defending the truth

Posted on Jul 5, 2019

A two-day international conference to reflect on the dialogue between religions and peoples in the Middle East was held in the Jordanian capital, Amman, from June 18 to 20. “The Media and their role in defending the truth”. This is the title of the meeting promoted by the Council of Catholic Patriarchs of the East, the Catholic Centre for Studies and Media, the Platform for Dialogue and Cooperation between the leaders and religious institutions of the Arab world and the Jordanian Tourist Office.

Fr RIFAT BADER, – Jordan The idea for this conference was born in Baghdad – Iraq – after the meeting of the Council of Catholic Patriarchs of the East. Thanks to God it was decided in Baghdad, where the truth has been hidden for years. However, today, it is a reborn and safer city.

These meetings gathered representatives of the Catholic Patriarchates in the Middle East and journalists from different media centres. They allowed them to listen to the experiences of their own countries, as well as to the role of the media in spreading and defending the truth.

HE Mgr KRIKOR AUGUSTIN COUSSA, Armenian Catholic Bishop – Alexandria, Egypt  Tell the truth and do not be afraid, said Jesus. In the Middle East in this period there is talk of war, of the difficulties we encounter in our countries. But we must tell the truth, for our people, and for the peace.
popolo, e per la pace

NAHASEN HADARAH, Journalist Al Liwa – Lebanon  Humanity. This is the word we must use to spread a message of peace through articles, reports, documentaries and films.

HE Mgr HANI BKHOUM, Vicar Coptic Catholic Patriarch – Egypt  With this mission we are able to evangelise, in the midst of Muslim countries, transmitting Christian news.

Last May, Pope Francis himself stressed the importance of media freedom, condemning false news, “no to fake news, work following the truth”. A warning that resounds clearly in Amman.

ANDREA TORNIELLI, Editorial Director of the Dicastery for Communication – Vatican  The Middle East can help a lot for our information by sharing and sending news, facts, positive or negative stories, but always with verified information and not based on hatred, misinformation and fake news.

DEBORAH CASTELLANO, Vaticanist and correspondent for Zenit – Rome  This conference was fruitful and the dialogue between people of different faiths was very engaging. We were able to listen to different points of view, speeches dedicated to different ways of seeing the roles of the media and the right approach to situations in the Holy Land, the Middle East and the world.

The highlight of the two-day meeting was the signing of the “Code of Ethics for the Media”. Many points were covered: the correct use of social media, morality, respect for human dignity and the guarantee of the dignity of religions and religious symbols of others.

Fr RIFAT BADER, – Jordan  From here there will be new collaborations, the witness of sharing of our love, of communion among our churches. The message we want to give to the world is that Christians are not divided: they are one and the same, bearers of a single message of love and communion.