The US Catholic Church Stands on the Issues of the Middle East
A voice for the Truth,
The US Catholic Church is pro-Justice and Pro-Peace,
It is not "anti" (against) or "pro" (for) anybody.
It's  mission is to say the word of TRUTH.
Jesus said "The Truth sets you free".
  • The Future of Jerusalem, US Religious Leaders (Cardinal Keeler and Seven others) letter to President Clinton, March 5, 1995
  • Amid renewed violence, Archbishop Mc Carrick, urgers US to revive M.E. Peace process, March 1997
  • Archbishop Murphy, of Boston, March 1997
  • Letter to Secretary of State, by Archbishop Maccarick, March 1997
  • Letter to the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, August 28, 1997
  • ISRAEL, PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY URGED TO TAKE STEPS TO BREAK PEACE PROCESS IMPASSE, David Early, Departement of Communications, US Catholic Conference, September 2,1997
  • Letter to the OLP representative, September 2, 1997
  • Stop all kinds of Terrorisms, Sat, 6 Sep 97
  • Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla letter to His Beattiude Patriarch Bidawid Rafael over Iraq, November 14, 1997
  • Iraq Crisis Letter to Editor, Peace and Social Justice Ministry Catholic Diocese of Joliet, November 17, 1997
  • THE FUTURE OF JERUSALEM: Some Clarifications, Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick Chairman,, Committee on International Policy U.S. Catholic Conference, November 17, 1998
  • A TURNING POINT FOR LEBANON, Committee on International Policy U.S. Catholic Conference, Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick Chairman, November 18th , 1998
  • BRIEFING ON THE CONDITION OF CHRISTIANS IN THE HOLY LAND AND THE FUTURE OF JERUSALEM , Hart Senate Office Building , Fr. Drew Christiansen,April 7, 1999
  • Lebanon After the Israeli Withdrawal, Bernard Cardinal Law, June 21, 2000
  • Cardinal Law Issues Statement, on Wounded Peace: Conflict, in the Holy Land, October 16, 2000
  • Catholic Bishops propose ME peace statement ,November 14
  • AJC welcome US Catholic document, November 14
  • Statment of the US Catholic Bishops and a letter to Patriarch Sabbah, Nov. 15, 2000
  • US Bishops Urge Israelis and Palestinians to Return to Negotiations, June 15, 2001
  • US bishops pull no punches in call for Middle East peace, June 15, 2001
  • US Bishops on the attack against Afganistan, October 9, 2001
  • President's Statement on the Middle East, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, April 2, 2002
  • Letter to President Bush, from President of US Catholic Conference of Bishops, April 10, 2002
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