Very upset about America's stand toward Palestine and Iraq

President Bill Clinton

The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, DC 20500 Sept. 5, 1997

Dear Mr.President,

I am writing to you again to let you know that the Arab-American Community in the United States are very upset about America's stand toward Palestine and Iraq. We believe that America is very biased, and unfortunately, the United States favors Israel in every aspect. As Americans, we call upon you to be even handed and keep in mind that peace will come when America recognizes.

1 - The right of the Palestinians for self determination. 2 - The right of the Palestinians to go back to their homes in Palestine of pre 1948 . 3 - Israel must stop being racist and Zionist and must integrate with the rest of the area. 4 - The settlements in the West Bank and Gaza strip must be dismantled, the closure must be lifted and the confiscations of land must stop and the land must be returned to its owners immediately. 5 - The Congress must stop threatening the Palestine Authority and its unfounded attack against Arafat and the Palestinans. 6 - Israel must pull out completely from the Golan .

7 - The United states must stop the death machine, the sanctions, that it sponsors and supports against Iraq and the Iraqi people. 8 - America must negotiate with Iraq to restore normal relations.

We recommend that Secretary Madeleine Albright carry these points in mind to help her acchieve the way for peace.

Sincerely, Ibrahim Ebeid

Arab-American Democratic Committee

P.O.Box 3053 Guttenberg N.J.07093