Date: Wed, 21 May 97

Dear Friends,

Throughout history, the blessings of technical development were always coupled with negative implications mainly resulting from a misuse of the new capabilities which enabled some humans to use them as methods of oppression and destruction. The new tools which were meant to advance human progress are, to this day, being used by some to deny freedoms, spread falsehoods and myths, and bring humanity backwards.

This trend becomes most serious when governments use their propaganda machines to disseminate deliberate lies on a large scale and try to rewrite history, for the sole reason of serving narrow political interests and agendas.

The current media campaign taking place in the USA on the question of Jerusalem is extremely serious and, in some respects, unparalleled in scope and intensity.

The message/(lie) that the media is trying to bring to the ordinary citizens is that NEVER IN THE PAST was the Holy Land open to Christians and Muslims as it is NOW UNDER ISRAELI RULE.

The political aim of spreading this "fact" is to convince the majority of citizens of the "obvious" conclusion, which is that Jerusalem must stay a united and exclusive capital of Israel.

The Christians in the USA who are committed to the Truth and Justice are starting to feel overwhelmed by this campaign, which is spreading quickly through large Christian communities that have practically no insight into the history of this region or the Arab-Israeli conflict.

This is time for QUICK AND MASSIVE action on our part. We have no choice but to face this viscous campaign. We must do all what we can to spread the facts, tell the Truth, and directly approach the media that is spreading the lies.

We need real stories about the daily happenings and suffering that results from the almost "eternal" closures.

We need to organize a new contra-campaign, even using the limited resources that we have.

AS, we are against all kind of violence and any use of any violence, we need to dare to speak out, and tell the TRUTH.

Thanks for your help

Issa Sarras