Torture Legalized in Israel

Darrell and Sue Yeaney

January 16, 1998

Dear President Clinton,

Israel Radio announced on Sunday that the Israel High Court narrowly confirmed by a 5 to 4 vote that "physical pressure" could be used by the Shin Bet security forces during interrogation of prisoners. This ruling and practice is, of course, in violation of both the UN International Convention of Human Rights as well as the Geneva Convention dealing with due process and treatment of prisoners, and is certainly a violation of all of our own legal and ethical codes of behavior.

This action by the Israeli High Court is not unexpected or out of line from the long list of the Israeli government and military violations of human rights of Palestinian civilians whether they are Israel citizens or under Israeli military administrative jurisdiction,

You have long declared your presidential support and personal friendship for the state of Israel. Fine. So for the sake of your own integrity and any hope for progress toward peace in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, please call our Israeli friends and allies to account for this addition to their long string of human rights violations.

Peace cannot be achieved without justice. Sheer power and self justification is not enough.


Darrell and Sue Yeaney

Darrell W. Yeaney 2839 Brookside Drive Iowa City, Iowa

"If you want peace, work for justice."