To the Palestine Authority

To Our Friends and Enemies

August 13, 1997

We are getting nowhere,and we are getting nothing. The United States Government is forcing the Zionist demands and plans on the Palestinian Authority . No land and no authority in the hands of the Palestinans.

This is not Peace it is capitulation. We have said it on July First in the year 1980 and our words still stand.

Ibrahim Ebeid


From our archives July 1, 1980

By Ibrahim Ebeid

It is only natural that our Palestinian people rise against the self-rule conspiracy. Those who think the uprising is transitory don't really understand our people's struggle. The uprising is a continuous historical expression of our rejection of the Zionist occupation. It is especially a rejection , of the self-rule conspiracy. What is going on in occupied Palestine is one of the highest forms of human struggle.

In spite of the most brutal occupation in history, our people come up with their unique fighting methods. Our uprooted, Inarmed people stand up to the Israeli arsenal with their their hands. Our people are checkmating the Zionist-imperialist mind.


Self-rule -- a project aiming at firmly establishing the American-Zionist hegemony, politically, economically and militarily over the Middle East -- is the most urgent question facing our Zionist enemy today. The idea surfaced after the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. The present self-rule is a developed form of numerous plans, such as the Allon plan, the Peres plan, and the Dayan plan. The only difference between all such plans is which one serves the Zionists best; which one gives them security; which one insures their hegemony over the Arabs and Arab land.

There are two formulas of rule: self-rule (Begin's project ) ; and the regional formula of the Labor Party.

The formulas have been preceded by a dozen other formulas such as civil rule, local autonomy, local administration, civil administration, and finally self-rule.

The names may differ but the content is the same. The basic feature is giving the Arab population civil administrative powers within the framework of occupation . The Zionist occupiers followed from the start a policy, fait accompli ,hoping to kill the ambition of the Palestinians for self-determination. Such policy was translated into an accelerated settlement program in the occupied territorries. From 1967 to 1979, eighty settlements were built. Zionists also annexed Jerusalem. Begin and his governn always maintain that the only way to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state is to increase the settlements as a Zionist solution to the Palestine problem, self-rule tailored to block any Arab or international solution. Between 1967 and 1973, Ben-Gurion, Dayan and Eshkol succeeded in formulating some of the basic features of the concept of rule. Peres elaborated more on the subject from 1973 to 1976. The coming of Likud to power signalled the final stage in the self-rule conspiracy.


The most dangerous stage came with Camp David. For Camp David represents the transition from the concept to the implementation. Begin's political plan is to legislate the necessary laws insuring the annexation of Arab lands. Most observers believe that self-rule will be implemented after Israel gobbles all Palestine. The Labor Party's plan is equally dangerous. It envisages Jordan as the party capable of solving the Palestine problem without endangering Zionist "democracy"... For a sizable Arab minority will have a demographic impact on the Zionist entity. The Labor plan reserves for the Zionist state the security role. This security is to protected by border changes and the stationing of Israeli forces in the strategic areas of the West Bank and Gaza. Given the present balance of powers, it is conceivable that an unjust settlement of the problem may be imposed on the Arabs. They, however. believe that such a settlement will not bring peace. This belief' is also shared by many Zionist thinkers. Whereas the extremists believe that any self-rule will eventually become in the future a state that threatens the Zionist scheme for Palestine, others believe peace is impossible without giving the Palestinians a state. Others still believe the Arab-Zionist struggle will not cease even if the Palestinians were given a state.

It is fair to point out that even among the Israelis a new attitude has begun to grow. A clear example is the refusal of 30 young soldiers to serve in the occupied territories and their letter of protest to Begin. Some young soldiers chose to go to jail rather than go on duty in the territories occupied in 1967. Their choice was prompted by their belief that Israeli persecution of the Arabs will not bring peace. Moshe Sharon says he had discussions with educated young Israelis who described the treaty with Egypt as an insult because it ignores the Palestinians' rights. In trying to use some of the landmarks of the long Arab-Zionist struggle, Sharon says, "Hosting the Palestinian flag on a high school in the village of Om Al-Fahm* on March 30, 1979, is a warning sign that Israel should learn a lot from." Sharon concludes that Arab-Zionist coexistence is an illusion.


Zionist officials talk about full self-rule for the inhabitants of "Judea," "Samaria," and Gaza. By full, they mean giving the control of education, religious affairs, social affairs, transportation, taxation, and agricultural affairs to the Palestinians. The source of all power is, of course, the Zionist military administration. Security, internal security, legislation, land control, control of water resources, energy and currency are reserved for the Zionist military administration.

The Camp David accords stated that the self-rule administration will be entrusted with law and order. Its instrument is to be a strong local police force. The subsequent Egyptian-Israeli talks on Palestinian autonomy showed that Israel does not want a strong local police force. They limit its function to traffic and some minor local affairs. Israeli negotiators refuse to discuss the subject of security in the occupied territories. As for land, the Zionist enemy refuses any Arab sovereignty over the land. Self-rule, they argue, is given to the people not the land.

The Zionists go beyond denying the Palestinians sovereignty over their land. Their persistence in building Jewish settlements in the territories is a systematic creeping annexation.


The Sadat version states that the Israeli military admini stration is to be lifted. Power is to be handed to a 60-member administrative council. The council will have legislative and executive powers. It also oversees education, internal security, the judiciary, transportation, police,water resources, health, land, social affairs, housing, energy, agriculture, trade, and industry.


The Zionist-American-Egyptian alliance is intensifying it efforts to force self-rule on the Palestinians. The Camp David accords are in contradiction with the laws and resolutions of the Security Council and the UN.

Following are some UN resolutions: The General Assembly, in its 24th annual meeting passed Resolution 2535 B. The first article recognizes the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

In its 25th annual meeting, the General Assembly passed Resolution 2672 D. The resolution recognized equal rights for the Palestinians, and their right to self-determination.

In the 29th annual meeting Resolution 3236 was passed It emphasized:

1. The Palestinian people have inalienable rights in Palestine.

(a) the right to self-determination without any outside interference.

(b) the right to independence and sovereignty.

2. The inalienable right of the Palestinians to return to their homes and property from which they were evicted.

3. Respect for all the Palestinian rights and granting them are necessary for the solution of the Palestinian problem .

4. The Palestinians are a fundamental party in any just and permanent peace in the Middle East.

5. The Palestinians have the right to use any means to restore their inalienable rights.

In 1975, the General Assembly passed Resolution 3376, which pointed out its anxiety over lack of progress in:

1. The Palestinian people's exercise of their inalienable rights including the right to self-determination and the right to national sovereignty.

2. Exercise of the Palestinians' right to return to their homes and property from which they were evicted.

The Assembly also created a special committee to oversee the exercise by the Palestinians of their inalienable rights. In its first report in 1976, the committee affirmed that the Palestinians have the right to exercise their right to seif- determination; to determine the date and form of their independence in their Palestine homeland. No other party has the right to dictate to the Palestinians any entity or prevent them from creating their own entity. Rased on these resolutions, which are only a small sample of the UN resolutions on Palestine, the Camp David accords clearly violate the UN charter and the UN resolutions. With the neutralizing of Egypt and the division among Arab states, the Palestinian revolution is the only force confronting Zionism and imperialism. Camp David is heading for disaster. The Palestinians are determined to fight until their homeland -- Palestine -- is totally liberated.

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