Subj:  Your Oct. 23 issue -- severely biased pro-Israel
Date: 11/2/00 10:43:45 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Daniel Stone)

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November 1, 2000

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Time Magazine Letters
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November 2, 2000

Dear Editor,

 In your feature article of October 23, "TERROR in the Middle East," your
bias is so extreme that I have to speak out or my conscience will give me
no rest.  Your photos, headlines, words, and phrases are all designed to
make it seem as though the Palestinians are to blame for everything.
Completely ignored in U.S. reportage is the fact that the Palestinians'
lands were stolen from them in 1948 by a consortium of European powers and
Zionists.  That is never mentioned.  You never go into the "whys" of
anything, only the "whos" and the "whats."  You never label the
Palestinians as "freedom fighters," which is what they are.

 It is hard for Americans to relate to the unending oppression that the
Palestinians have suffered for fifty years.  Palestinian youths have to lay
their lives on the line to bring it to our attention.
     Sincerely yours,

     Daniel Stone
--- Daniel Stone