The terrorists peace

From: (EBAL pour la culture Arabe)

The Americans behavior in this universe takes a very "beautiful" nick name : [fighting terror !] .

For the first look at this motto " fighting the terror " it seems to have a peaceful and humanitarian meaning, and leads automatically to a very beautiful principles such as : forgiveness and pardon in the human and international relations .

But as we all know the American explanation for the term " terror " is strange and a terrorist act itself .

The United states of America is the first country who practiced and still practicing terror in all its faces and meanings, starting from abolishing the native nations, slavery trade, discrimination against the black Americans, Vietnam war, Salvador Allendy's assassination in chilie, the aggression against the people of Libya, blockading and destroying the people of Iraq, and finally the American Veto against condemning the terror of "Israel" against the Palestinians in occupied Palestine .

In the United states of America's dictionary the meaning of terror is clear and silly : it is any act against the white "black" house will, it is any act refuses to be a follower to the slave traders . Any attempt to defend the national dignity is an act of terror, any attempt to oppose the American inhuman culture is an act of terror, to the extent any kind of self defend and working for a justified peace not an American one is an act of terror .

And what makes the matter very black and awful is the American image and definition of terror which started to be or it became an American international concept, and the terrorist became internationally any body accused by the white "black" house, even if it is a cat .

From this ugly, inhuman, and unjustified laws, emerged what is called illegally the "peace process", which is a kind of the American's terror, although it raises a sick flag with an awful title : " Peace " .

This peace process is not the peace which we are looking for .. it is an American , Zionist, and Arab dictators peace, and has been designed by a terrorist minds and plans .

EBal for cultural and Arabic affairs .

for any commants,