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(Maria & Ibrahim Ebeid)

Date: 97-05-10 22:43:36

The American Arab Anti-discrimination Committee (ADC) has undertaken to highlight the plight of the Iraqi children under the sanctions regime. More than half a million Iraqi children have died from malnutrition and disease since the Gulf War cease-fire.

In its upcoming convention in Washington DC, June 12th-15th, the ADC will devote a forum on Iraq (2:15 PM-3:45 PM, Saturday, June 14th) during which time there will be two speakers and a panel discussion.

The purpose of the session is to inform and galvanize the Arab American Community regarding the tragic health conditions in Iraq.

After the forum, there will be an invitation to the audience to volunteer to participate in the ADC Task Force on Iraq.

The first meeting of this task force will take place in the same conference room, immediately after the forum. The objectives of this task force are to:

1. Inform and educate the American public about the desperate situation of Iraqi children, and ask that they contact their congressional representatives about this issue.

2. Impress upon U.S. policy makers, senators, and congressmen the dire necessity of removing the sanctions.

3. Organize meetings, symposia, interviews, fund-raising activities, etc. to keep this issue in public focus.

4. Form a grass root movement among Arab Americans that espouses the cause of Iraqi children.

We would therefore ask that you and your fellow activists and Arab Americans make every possible attempt at attending the upcoming ADC convention in Washington, DC to participate in the Iraq Forum and the process of creating the ADC Task Force on Iraq.

If you have any questions or comments, please either contact me ( or call the ADC national office at 202-244-2990. They can refer you to Arab Americans who are involved in organizing this effort.

-- More information on the Event --

There will be two speakers: Kathleen Kelly and Adel Al-Humadi, M.D.

Kathy Kelly is a peace activist with the group called "Voices in the Wilderness". She has travelled to Iraq at least four times, the last of which was two weeks ago. In each time she would take medicines to help the children and the needy, and return with a lot of information on the desparate situation of the Iraqi children.

Dr. Al-Humadi is an Iraqi physician practicing in New York. He is also very active in promoting the cause of the Iraqis who are suffering under the sanctions.

The session will be moderated by Asad Bakir, M.D. an Iraqi physician practicing in Chicago. Dr. Bakir is playing a central role in the preparation of this Forum.

The 'Forum on Iraq' will not only be informative and stimulating, but we hope that it will provide an excellent launch pad for the creation of the ADC Task Force on Iraq. Your participation is critical.

Also I received the following message from ADC Nada Awad,

>Ibrahim Ebeid >

We are planning to set up a task force on Iraq during the ADC convention on the 14th of June to plan and coordinate activities on Iraq for the whole year nationally. Kathy Kelly along with others will be participating in that endeavor. Part of what I understood the organizing committee for the task force is planning is teach-ins in a hundred cities to be launched promptly after that event. The point is to coordinate and plan things intelligently so they can have an impact. I wish efforts all pool together so we can do something good, big and with an impact.