Open Letter to Representative Bob Goodlatte

Dear Representative Goodlatte:

I am deeply distressed (and deeply shamed!) by the exceedingly shortsighted vote which was recently taken in the US House of Representatives in support of moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And I am deeply disappointed if you were in fact one of the 400+ Representatives to vote "yes" on this proposal.

Representative Goodlatte, this vote is not a vote which "makes for peace" in the Middle East! Please note the attached posting which indicates only too clearly how this vote is being interpreted in Palestine. This vote will only exacerbate the already enormous tensions building between the Palestinians (who are seeing no positive results from the so-called "peace process" but rather the daily loss of more and more land and houses to the injustice of Israeli confiscation and the ravages of Israeli bulldozers) and their Israeli occupiers (who daily "occupy" more and more of the Palestinians' land). I implore you to reconsider this issue and to make public and vocal your dissent to any policy which suggests that Jerusalem belongs only to the Israelis!

Awaiting your action on this matter!


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CPTNET Hebron: Notes After the Recent Vote to Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem June 27, 1997

There aren't many demonstrators today but I still hear gun shots.

On the way home, I stopped and spoke with a shopkeeper. He reported that youth are throwing stones because of the U.S. decided that "Jerusalem is only for Israel." I explained to him that it was just a House of Representatives vote on the decision to move the embassy to Jarusalem.

But on my way home, I realized he was right. The message the U.S. is sending the world is that Jerusalem is for Israel. Sometimes I dream about changing my nationality. - CPT Hebron Member

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