Time to Act in refutation of Congressman Saxton's bias

April 29, 1997

The following report from SNS, a subsidiary of Israel News Service, should be sufficient to provoke a deluge of indignant refutation from all who know better. Such a fallacious harangue would be expected from someone like Netanyahu's propagandist David Bar-Illan, adroit at 180-degree spins on partial truths. But coming from a very influential Congressman to a receptive US President, it has ominous potential for doing heavy damage to justice, reversing blame in the name of "even-handedness". Saxton has earned a reputation for extreme pro-Israel bias, but this obvious coddling of AIPAC's ultra-right is far beyond tolerance. It is time to make our government officials aware that we know better, that we do care, and that we are watching!

Peace. John

"Congressional Pressure for PA Action Against Terror (SNS News Service -Israel..4/29) Congressman Jim Saxton (R-NJ-03) announced today that he has sent a letter to President Clinton that calls upon the President to "suspend immediately the provision of US assistance under the Middle East Facilitation Act until there is clear evidence that the PA is living up to its obligation to fight violence and terrorism." "The Palestinians are entitled to hold any point of view regarding events in the region," wrote Saxton to Clinton, "but they must press these points only through negotiation with Israel. The Palestinians are absolutely forbidden by the Oslo peace accords from using, endorsing, or acquiescing in any sort of violence to promote their agenda."

"Palestinian disagreement with Israeli policies is no longer expressed through legitimate bilateral negotiating channels. Rather, it is communicated through direct and indirect "green lights" for riots, the throwing of rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails, and the random bombing of Israeli civilians, as well, as the release from jail of Hamas terrorists," wrote Saxton.

"While I applaud and agree with [President Clinton's] demand that the PA comply with its solemn commitment to halt violence and terrorism, it is apparent that circumstances have surpassed mere diplomatic appeals. Therefore, I urge you to suspend immediately the provision of non-humanitarian US assistance to the Palestinians until there is clear evidence that the PA is living up to its obligation to fight violence and terrorism, concluded Saxton.

Saxton is the Chairman of the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare.