from the Governor of Bethlehem

8 Sep 1997

Once again the Israeli Authorities imposes siege on the Palestinian cities and prevents inhabitants to move from one region to the other in order to frustrate, starve, and eventually encourage the Palestinian people to immigrate from their homeland which is against the Peace Process. You know that Bethlehem was under siege for a whole month and days after the lifting of the siege the Israeli Authorities reimposses the siege due to the following:

1- Security: Are we really responsible for the security of Israel ? Does Israel accept us to be responsible for its security ? Every body knows that Israel does not allow us to be responsible for the security of the Palestinian Areas ( B and C ) which comprises more than 90% of the Palestinian Land. Inspite of all that and after each incident we are accused to be responsible for that incident . Israel was not able to identify the suicider but took the incident as an excuse to justify the collective punishment .

2- It The Peace Process : is very obvious that the real victim of the bombing are not the ones killed but the Peace Process itself especially with the American silence. Referring to the above mentioned, I urge you to take practical steps towards the fulfillment of the Peace Process which achieves security and guaranties justices and bright future for our children and their children .

Yes, save the Peace Process and the cradle of Jesus Christ in the land of peace and do not allow arrogance to beat the rational thinking . I hope to emphasize that we are innocent of all accusation and we are committed to the Peace Process and we apply all its point . We look forward to work with you in order to convince the other party to abide by the spirit of the Peace Process , but unfortunately everybody knows that all of that is in vain .


Mohd. Rashed Al- Jabari Governor / Bethlehem District