It is sad

May 8th, 1999

By Fr. Labib Kobti

Destroy everything.

Kill people, children, old, women, in buses, in trains in cars, in homes, in hospitals, walking, drinking sleeping, just pick on them ... and THEN JUST say we are sorry it was a mistake...and just do not let the media insist on it and you will be forgiven.

We are the USA...who can stop us?

Destroy houses, TVs and Radio stations, Water, Electricity, Bridges, Hospitals, residence of innocent people, churches, convents, embassies anything is a target...and THEN JUST say sorry it was a human mistake...and please, do not let the media insist on it and you will be forgiven.

We are who we are who dares to say a word, we will veto him in the UN.

Let them starve to death, who cares, let them die, even if they did not support their regimes or their people or did not do anything... who cares...just because they are there...they are in that place...they should die, children, women, old people...

Tell the stories of their atrocities...not ours ... theirs and only theirs ... the Yugoslavs, the Iraqis, the Cubans, South Africans, China, Korea, Guatemala, Lebanon, Sudan, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestinians, Granada, Indonesia, Congo, Peru, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Russia..... These criminals...theior story and stories, past present and future...

These criminals should die because they do not respect our interests and our conditions...our needs for a world where all should obey to us and only to us and work for us...For the interest of our nation, the USA we should bomb them...

And the story continues...the story of one power, one man, one super...the sciencefiction of some films played LIVE on the TVs of the world

It is sad.

It is sad, because people are not in the streets, in every street, daring to scream out: Enough is enough. Stop killing...stop using smart bombs that kill smart people....Enough refugees inside and outside Yugoslavia. Stop the war here and there...please stop, just stop...... people want to live and we want to live...

You are frustrating us, destroying our peace of mind and heart...stop, please... ENOUGH

We need to tell our children a stroy of love, sharing and cooperation that speaks about Peace, Love and Truth.

Fr. Labib Kobti