...as of 10AM EDT, God has not responded.

Now it is bad enough that such racist statements as PM Yitzhak Shamir
calling Palestinians, "grasshoppers" (actually locusts, such as in the
plagues) or Rafael Eitan (who was former Chief of Staff of the IDF, and was
the man directly responsible for running Jonathan Pollard for MOSSAD) who
described Palestinians as "drugged cockroaches in a bottle" have seen the
light of day.

However, for a rabbi to pray for death is beyond reproach.  This fool should
hand in his smicha (ordination certificate), and his membership in the human

Thanks to Bob Nordlander for bringing this article to our attention.

                              FROM SAM KILEY IN JERUSALEM

  [The Times, UK - 4/10/01]:
  THE spiritual leader of Israel's ultra-Orthodox Shas party has
   come under attack for a Passover sermon in which he called on
   God to annihilate Arabs.

   "It is forbidden to be merciful to them, you must give them
   missiles, with relish annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones,"
   Ovadia Yosef was quoted in the Hebrew Maariv newspaper as
   telling a congregation attending prayers last weekend.

   His party, which holds the balance of power in Israel's Knesset
   and is a key member of Ariel Sharon's national unity coalition,
   moved quickly to clarify his remarks, which included a plea to
   God to destroy Arabs. Yitzhak Sudri, the party spokesman,
   insisted that the rabbi was referring only to "Arab murderers and
   terrorists", but Rabbi Yosef's comments revived memories of his
   recent description of Arabs as "snakes" amid complaints that the
   Palestinian Authority was tolerating incitement, which both sides
   agreed to ban under the 1993 Oslo Peace Accord.

   "May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arabs' heads, and
   cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them, and cause them to
   be cast from the world," Rabbi Yosef, a former Chief Rabbi of
   Israel's Sephardi Jews, is reported to have said.

   Yesterday Meir Sheetrit, a Cabinet minister from Mr Sharon's
   Likud Party, said that Rabbi Yosef's statements should be
   condemned. "A person of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's stature must
   refrain from acrid remarks such as these . . . I suggest that we not
   learn from the ways of the Palestinians and speak in verbal blows
   like these," he said.

   Yassir Abed Rabbo, the Palestinian Information Minister, said
   yesterday: "This is the third time that the rabbi has espoused
   openly racist views and neither his party nor his Government in
   which it serves has bothered to apologise."

   The first Arab Cabinet minister, Salah Tarif, a Druze and a former
   Israeli Army captain, said that it was "truly a pity that such things
   are said at such a difficult time in relations between the nation and
   Arabs both within the country and without. These remarks add
   nothing but hatred."

I have always recalled this cartoon which appeared a while ago in Playboy
Magazine by the great Shel Silverstein.  In this cartoon it shows two
opposing armies battling it out, and each is holding placards declaring "God
is on our side".   Up in the clouds above the fray is a giant hand with the
index finger pointed upwards.....

" Oh Sinner Man, where you gonna run to?
  Sinner Man, where you gonna run to?,
   Where you gonna run to
   All along dem day?

  Well I run to the Rock
  'Please hide me'
  I run to the rock
' Please hide me'
  I run to the rock
  Please hide me, Lord
  All along dem day

But the Rock cried out,
' I can't hide you,
The rock cried out,
' I can't hide you,
The rock cried out,
' I ain't gonna hide you, guy,
All along dem day'

I said, 'ROCK! What's da matter with you Rock?
Dontcha see I need you rock?
Lord, Lord, Lord

All along dem day'

So I run to the river,
It was bleedin'
I run to the sea,
It was bleedin',
I run to the sea,
It was bleedin'
All along dem day.

So I run to the river
It was boilin'
I run to the sea,
It was boilin'
I run to the sea
It was boilin'
Along dem day.

So I run to The Lord
'Please HIIIDE  me Lord!"
Dont you see me prayin',
Dont you see me down here prayin'?

But the Lord said,
The Lord said,
Go to the devil,
HE said,
All along dem day,

So I go to the Devil,
I ran to the devil,
He was waitin'
I ran to the devil,
He was waitin'
All along dem day

(Power to da Lord)
(Power to da Lord)
(power to da lord)
(power to da lord)
Bring down,
Power to da lord,
Bring down,
Power to da lord,

bring down,
bring down,

power, power,power,
wer,power,power,power,power,power...................."   - Miss Nina
Simone -