Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997


The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organization Network The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organization Network expresses its outrage at the recent vote (406 to 17) in the US House of Representatives to recognize Jerusalem as the unified capital of the State of Israel.

This development can only buttress the State of Israel's political control over the whole city, and thus help consolidate its annexation of the occupied territory of East Jerusalem.

This development gives cover and legitimacy to the Israeli strategy of continuous Judaization of the city which is predicated on depriving the Palestinian population of its national, human, and civil rights.

The result of the vote in the House of Representatives mocks international law and UN resolutions, and, more importantly, contradicts the requirements of a just and lasting peace in the region.

This vote is in keeping with the many cases of US government support for unjust practice in the region.

We strongly believe that this development will constitute yet one more factor increasing tension in the region and will further hinder peace in the area.

As well, the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organization Network protests the provision, in a bill which has been debated in the House of Representatives, for the allocation of $100 million to fund expenses to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organization Network calls on all local and foreign non-governmental organizations and especially people of conscience and organizations in the USA to oppose these steps, and to insist that US policy, so influential in this region, should maintain an evenhanded approach in keeping with international resolutions concerning the status of Jerusalem and the national, human, and civil rights of the Palestinian people, as well as to insist that US policy does not support the exclusionary practices of the occupying power. _______________________________________________________________________ The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organization Network c/o Muwatin:

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