Department of Social Development and World Peace

3211 4th Street N.E. Washington. DC 20017-1194 (202)541-3339

September 2, 1997

Hasan Abdul Rabman


1730 K Street N.W.: Suite 1004

Washington. DC 20006

Dear Mr. Rahman:

I am writing to you because of the concern of the Catholic bishops of the United States over the present impasse in the peace process with Israel and our anxiety for the sufferings continued delays in the process place upon the Palestinian people.

We are especially concerned that insufficient efforts on the part of the Palestinian Authority to arrest and punish terrorist groups and to discourage their sympathizers endangers the security of the whole State of Israel and diminishes the prospects of the Palestiniari people. In this respect, President Arafat's public embrace of radical nationalists known to favor terrorisrm was a particularly alarming development.

We have for several years defended a negotiated peace resulting in an independent Palestinian homeland, and we have repeatedly protested the closures and other impediments to Palestlnian life. Because of these commitment, we are sorely distressed to see the Palestinian Authority engage in gestures of protest that can be seen on the outside as possible threats to peace. (For your information I enclose a copy of our recent protest of the closure of the West Bank and Gaza.)

I hope in the future to have an opportunity to meet with you to discuss this and other mutual concerns.

Sincerely yours,

+ Theodore B McCarrick

Archbishop of Newark

Chairman, USCC Committee on

International Policy