Official view on papers

May 4th, 1999

The official view of the U.S. is an opinion based on what the U.S. feels is in its best political interest.

Same with the "world community" Jews have never been popular in the world, why start now.

The U.S. has been a friend of Israel,

Israeli settlement activities are detrimental to peaceful coexistence between Israel and the Arabs for many reasons.

(a) They are illegal

(b) They mock numerous United Nations resolutions

(c) They exacerbate tensions in the region because they rob people in the occupied territories of more land and more resources, making it increasingly difficult for them to survive.

(d) The settlements have introduced into the occupied territories an army of zealots whose presence has created settler violence against the indigenous population.

Lea Tsemel, a Jewish-Israeli civil rights attorney and one of the directors of DYR once addressed an American audience on the issue of the fanatic settlers. At that conference she said "You should know that, after munitions, your second biggest export to Israel is Jewish nuts."

Bill Friend