Liquidation of the state opponents

The Right Honorable Jean Chretien

Prime Minister of Canada

House of Commons, Parliament of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada By Fax: 957-5579

Dear Mr. Chretien:

Today it came to my attention that the number of Palestinians (Activist) assassinated by the Israeli government since the beginning of the Palestinian current uprising/ revolution had reached 60 persons!

I am really puzzled that this is committed in a country where Capital punishment is prohibited in the court of Law. These 60 individuals had no trials, no defense and no juries. What if some of these individuals were simply not guilty? What if some were peaceful activist who did not actually kill any Israeli? It seams to me that this is quite possible giving that the majority of the Israeli casualties were murdered by suicide bombers who had had already destroyed themselves. I am neither a lawyer nor a judge but I know that Capital punishment is usually applied only for first-degree murderers. Conspiracy to commit murder is usually punished by long-term imprisonments. Furthermore, it seems that even the conspiracy theory might not apply to some of those who were specifically targeted by the Israeli sophisticated killing machine, let alone the collateral causalities of women and children.

One can only describe these Israeli operations as “liquidation of the state opponents.” We have had seen these kind of operations in Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China and Hitler’s Germany. It is also seen to some extent in some of the totalitarian fascists ruled 3rd world countries included some of those in the Middle East. Nonetheless, these countries do not claim to be the “Democracy oasis” in their areas. We, Canadian, know these governments and we have been trying to either dissuade them or punish them for such atrocities.

Dear Mr. Chretien, I therefore urge you to use your highly respected personal influence and your good offices to persuade the Israeli government against this callous policy of liquidation of its opponents. As a Liberal I am certain that you agree with me that this policy is against all the principles of democracy, justice, humanity and decency. It is deplorable to exterminate people based only on intelligence reports particularly when the majority of these victims are civilians living under an illegal siege or occupation. Although we may disagree with some of their believes but we should not disregard their most imperative human right “the right of Life.”


Yours truly,